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WW Monk looking for performance feedback

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Hello All,


I would like some feedback on my current performance in my flex raid guild as a Windwalker. I originally signed up as healer but I've going in as dps as well due to rotating healers.


I don't think I am doing badly but I have no other monks in the guild to really compare to


Character http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/silvermoon/Taalox/simple


Raid log from last weekend http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/kb3daa411tvvxkqf/sum/damageDone/


I'm always open to tips for improving

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I find Chi Brew much more useful in SoO terms, due to in-need of burst dps a lot of time. You also generate much more Tigereye brew, which is considered as pure increase ;) 

Also, logs says your Tiger Power uptime is 54% overall, i think you can make that higher ;) 

On fights like Fallen Protectors you could have used Storm, Earth & Fire, it's also quite good increase.

As for gearing, i wouldn't change anything if i were you. 

Also, cannot find what did you bind Synapse Springs to, but i'd suggest Tigereye Brew, in case you didn't.


That's all that comes to my mind. All in all, i think you're performing pretty well :) best wishes!

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Following what Yaendshay has posted,


I looked quickly at your malkorok log, it is an easy single target spank for melee really. Your RSK and TP uptime were above 90%. Yuo did take a while to apply this initially and it did drop off. These theoretically can be 100% uptime each.


It doesnt appear that you capped your tigereye brew either. RSK was your top damage so you look to be using chi on the right moves.


This is where my WW log analysing disappears. Based off your numbers and the uptimes if you fix those then you look to be in the right area for damage.


Happy Killing :) 

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Thanks for the taking the time guys,


I haven't experimented with Chi Brew yet that is true. I will look to into it. Any tips on when it's best used?

Synapse Springs is bound to my Tigereye Brew yes so that's no problem

Tiger Power uptime seems to be the biggest issue, I'll have to work on that. I know I often forget when I'm just Spinning Crane Kick mob groups. The uptime is much higher on bosses but not perfect yet

Storm, Eath & Fire is an ability I feel has a big drawback on certain fights. On Fallen Protectors they work yes, but I prefer the focussed dps for getting the adds down as quickly as possible.


On the Malkorok fight I was assigned to soak the melee puddles which frequently put me just out of range of the boss. I'll increase the visibility of the Tiger Power buff so there is less chance of it dropping off.

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