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Reforging Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal

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I'm curious on the best practices for using the Juggernaut's Focusing crystal as a protection warrior (avoidance build).  Previously, I was using Rook's and Thok's trinkets (vial still hasn't dropped for me) and am now thinking I should swap Thok's with the Focusing Crystal.  However, should I use the Jugg trinket as-is, or reforge some of the dodge as suggested by reforging tools (AMR, etc.)?


The only problem I see if I reforge it is when I finally get the vial and want to pair it with the rook trinket, my stats will be out of whack.  Then again, I may not even need the extra stamina from using two stam trinkets at that point so I would just stick with the Vial and Jugg trinket?

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All of the tanking trinkets this tier are useful. I like Juggernaut's for fights with DoT damage. Rook's is great for AoE like Thok and IJ. It seems that you're using Thok's Tail Tip, but that trinket has little benefit for prot warriors. Sure, you get 6% more crit damage, but that's damage only. It's not getting you any extra rage and the strength proc has no effect on Riposte. Go for the dodge trinket from the Timeless Isle or Curse of Hubris is you're looking for damage output.


As for reforging, I take my trinkets out when reforging and gemming. I change my trinkets around enough that any one set will not have exactly the same makeup. However, optimizing my DR for the stats I have without trinket contributions lets me be right on my DR or close to it with the broadest range of trinkets. I can use Vial and Curse or Vial and Rook's without effecting my DR at all. I do have Juggernaut's reforged into parry to offset the DR it will run into. Most often, I run the Timeless Isle trinket with Juggernaut's and I have the static mastery on that trinket reforged into parry to even things out a bit more.


Hope that helps.

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