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Little help with my Mage

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Hey, I have recently just started playing wow, hit my level 90 about 2-3 weeks ago and have some question regarding how to do my best  on the Mage. My item level is only 524 so far and I only do flexibles and LFR but I would like to do my best anyway. First of all I would like to apologize for my bad english but I guess you can manage.


Firstly, are there any nice addons that could help me keep living bomb/nether tempest on multiple targets? I have tidy playes and it's nice but sometimes when the add or whatever gets out of my sight I cannot see whether the bomb ended or not. Or when there are so many targets (usually just trash) you simply cannot see it in all this mess. Having the bomb displayed on the mini frames on the right under my map would be nice too on fights like Fallen Protectors of Paragons of Klaxxi.


Secondly, in some of the threads here I have read that glyph of arcane power is a DPS loss, how exactly? I can't find a reason for it to be like this, you still get 30 seconds per 3 minutes (36 using Alter Time). I just find it easier because there are less hotkeys to manage (I do have problems with that), as I only use it with the alter time macro of mine.


I also can't find a reason for which in the guide Arcane Barrage is above Living Bomb in the rotation, If the bomb ended I will refresh it at 4 stacks (provided I have 1 or no stacks of arcane missiles) as it will give me a chance to get more arcane missiles, and well, apply the bomb faster, won't it?


What procs do you consider worthy of refreshing living bomb with? My trinkets are black blood of y'shaarj and frenzied crystal of rage so I guess both of these with their 10k int procs are worth it. But is lightweave embroidery or jade spirit worth it? With this question comes another, is there a simple addon that could help me track the procs of the trinkets and enchants, as looking in the corner is annoying.



Thanks in advance!

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I use ForteXorcist for multidotting. It's a very cool addon I have to say!

You can see it on the right oof my screen: http://kepfeltoltes.hu/130522/WoWScrnShot_052113_131819_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg


In connection with Arcane Power: You can stay on higher mana for its full duration without the glyph making it more efficient this way.


In connection with Living Bomb priority... Well.. Yes, that would make sense to me as well. But don't refresh it if it won't expire or you don't want to snapshot.


Every proc is worth to refresh your bomb. You will have to think tho: Is it likely that another thing will proc soon along with the currect proc? If yes, you might want to wait for that as well. And I wouldn't refresh any bombs with 6seconds+ duration.

WeakAuras2, TellMeWhen are great addons for this purpose. You can see my Weakauras setup on this screenshot as well :)


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Everytime I get some time to check out the posts, Oltier beats me to it :P


Only suggestion I have is an alternative to ForteXorcist, I really prefer MageBombTracker, but it's just a personal preference.


Best thing to practice while new is remembering to recast Rune of Power. After that, remember to keep your mage bomb on target(s). Then it's just the simple arcane rotation.

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