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WoW Classic Realms Population Report: September 7th

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Average queue times decreased in Europe to 75 minutes. Free Character Moves are still open and Blizzard recommends all players stuck in queues to transfer their characters to the recently-opened realms.

Check out the latest information in our WoW Classic Realm Population Hub!

English Realms (EU)

The population of Flamelash is now marked as HighTen Storms went up from Medium to High.

Free Character Moves are currently available:

  • From Shazzrah to Dragonfang
  • From Golemagg to Dragonfang
  • From Firemaw to Earthshaker
  • From Gehennas to Earthshaker
  • From Mograine to Judgement
  • From Razorgore to Bloodfang
Realm Name Type Population
Ashbringer PvP Full
Bloodfang PvP Medium
Dragonfang *new* PvP Low
Dreadmist PvP High
Earthshkaer *new* PvP Low
Firemaw PvP Full
Flamelash PvP Full High
Gandling PvP High
Gehennas PvP Full
Golemagg PvP Full
Hydraxian Waterlords RP Medium
Judgement PvP Low
Mirage Raceway Normal Full
Mograine PvP Full
Nethergarde Keep Normal High
Noggenfogger PvP Full
Pyrewood Village Normal Full
Razorgore PvP Full
Shazzrah PvP Full
Skullflame PvP High
Stonespine PvP Full High
Ten Storms PvP Medium High
Zandalar Tribe RPPvP High

German Realms (EU)

Players from Lucifron and Venoxis can move to Heartstriker.

Realm Name Type Population
Dragon's Call PvP High
Everlook Normal Full
Heartstriker *new* PvP Low
Lakeshire Normal High
Lucifron PvP Full
Patchwerk PvP High
Razorfen Normal High
Transcendence PvP High
Venoxis PvP Full

French Realms

Free transfers are available from Sulfuron to Finkle. The realm is now at High (up from Medium). Queue times on Sulfuron decreased thanks to the transfers.

Realm Name Type Population
Amnennar PvP High
Auberdine Normal High
Finkle PvP Medium High
Sulfuron PvP Full

Russian Realms

Realm Name Type Population
Doomsayer *new* PvP Low
Wyrmthalak PvP Full High
Flamegor PvP Full
Rhok’delar PvP Full High
Chromie Normal High Medium

US Realms

Free Character Moves are currently available:

  • From Faerlina to Heartseeker
  • From Stalagg to Heartseeker
  • From Herod to Earthfury
  • From Skeram to Earthfury
  • From Incendius to Netherwind
  • From Thalnos to Netherwind
  • From Fairbanks to Arcanite Reaper
  • From Whitemane to Arcanite Reapoer
  • From Bligglesworth to Anathema
  • From Pagle to Windseeker
  • From Grobbulus to Deviate Delight
Realm Name Type Population
Anathema PvP Medium
Arcanite Reaper *new* PvP Low
Ashkandi Norm High
Atiesh Norma High
Azuresong Normal Medium
Benediction PvP High
Bigglesworth PvP Full
Blaumeux PvP High
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP High
Deviate Delight RPPvP Medium
Earthfury *new* PvP Low
Faerlina PvP Full
Fairbanks PvP Full
Grobbulus RPPvP Full
Heartseeker *new* PvP Low
Herod PvP Full
Incendius PvP Full
Kirtonos PvP High
Kromcrush PvP Full
Kurinnaxx PvP High 
Mankrik Normal High
Myzrael Normal High
Netherwind PvP Medium
Old Blanchy Normal High
Pagle Normal Full
Rattlegore PvP High
Skeram PvP Full
Smolderweb PvP High
Stalagg PvP Full
Sulfuras PvP Full
Thalnos PvP Full
Thunderfury PvP High
Westfall Normal High
Whitemane PvP Full
Windseeker Normal Medium

Oceanic Realms (US)

Free transfers are open from Arugal to Felstriker in the region.

Realm Name Type Population
Arugal PvP High
Felstriker PvP Low
Remulos Normal Medium
Yojamba PvP High

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