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FPS Issues in 25M

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Decided to post this here since this seems to be the most active part of the forum and I always post here anyways, and people here raid and know alot about the game :x


I started running 25M from 10M a couple weeks ago and have been getting some crazy FPS lag on a few bosses.


The thing is my computer destroys the system requirements, and even with the recommended settings at Ultra, I tried dropping a ton of stuff down to good/fair on tuesday's raid and I still lagged, which makes me think it's not necessarily the video settings...


System is self built:

i7-930 @ 3.9ghz

ATI 6970

12GB ddr3



I researched some after tuesdays raid and found some people having the issue used

/run SetCVar("raidFramesDisplayIncomingHeals",1), haven't raided again until tonight so can't see if that works..


But for example, on Immerseus I'll drop to around 10fps when adds come out, and for whatever reason Malkorok destroys my FPS and I'll get like 6fps on pull. Was wondering if anyone else has ever had issues and found a way to fix it. Kind of hard to play well with fps drops that low, I may do an alt raid this weekend and delete my Interface/WTF folders and use no addons to see if that's the issue, just can't figure out why my fps is getting destroyed in 25 mans tho..

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EVERYONE lags when Heroic Immerseus adds come out.  This is because the system is literally creating adds in front of you hogging down your shit.  I run dual GTX 780s and still bottom out around 10-15fps while the adds are up.  One thing to do immediately is leave all your other settings alone but drop down view distance to low while you're raiding.  There is never a need to see beyond 50 yards inside a raid.  With view distance high, your game will try to process shit all the way back to the beginning of the raid on Immerseus.  On Malkorok, it'll process all the stuff around you.  Once I did that, I stopped having issues on Malkorok.  Almost nothing you can do during Immerseus. 

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Cool I'll try the view distance thing, and hopefully /run SetCVar("raidFramesDisplayIncomingHeals",1) will work tonight when I raid with it for the first time.


I do have msbt but I have all healing off anyways since I don't care about heal numbers on my lock.

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