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WoW Classic EU Queue Times: September 9th

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Average queue times in Europe increased from 75 to 83 minutes since our last report.

Free Character Moves are still available in the region and the amount of realms that experience queues has increased by four. Note that not all realms marked as "Full" have queues.

English Realms

Ashbringer, Noggenfogger, and Razorgore are back on the list with short queues for each realm.

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Ashbringer PvP 0 1540 0 19 min
Firemaw PvP 4604 5424 120 135 min
Gehennas PvP 5777 5978 163 min
Golemagg PvP 5594 7758 91 196 min
Mograine PvP 2115 4809 24 120 min
Noggenfogger PvP 0 928 0 12 min
Razorgore PvP 0 1413 0 20 min
Shazzrah PvP 5116 5400 116 115 min

French Realms

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Sulfuron PvP 193 2947 1 49 min

German Realms

Queues are back on Venoxis.

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Everlook Normal 1006 2475 15 37 min
Lucifron PvP 3108 4539 73 94 min
Venoxis PvP  0 2014 0 33 min

Note: This report is always conducted in one-day intervals and population blueprints are taken at 7:45 PM Paris time.

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I think I'd be pretty tilted if I was subbed to WoW Classic right now lol I could do so much within 30 minutes of my own time. Reading those wait times makes me cringe. Praise the people that wait just to play >_>

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      Some WoW Classic realms are experiencing long queue times these days and Blizzard revealed they've been working on bringing some relief from the queues to these realms in the near future.
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      Onyxia has been recently defeated in WoW Classic by a raid group comprised of Druids only.
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      Queue times return to some WoW Classic realms with a high population amid the coronavirus lockdown and character transfers. Firemaw (EU) players report 3-4 hour queue times on a Sunday, urging Blizzard to lock the realm and a similar situation is occurring on Incendius (US).
      Redditor ANTRagnarok came up with a graph while waiting in the queue and it turns out you must log in at 4:45 p.m. if you want to make it to the raid that begins at 7:30 p.m.

      Players are urging Blizzard to lock Firemaw (EU) on the official forums and offer free character transfers, as many do not want to transfer to different realms using the paid character service.
      The situation was apparently worse the day before with queues exceeding 3,000 players which resulted in 5-6 hour queue times. Redditor Aoussar123 reports that people are idling in cities hitting the space bar every once in a while to stay logged in which makes things even worse.

      Incendius (US) is facing a similar situation, but the queues aren't as bad as in Europe. The realm was beyond capacity full even before paid character services, then came transfers from Faerlina, Skeram, and other realms, rendering Indencius beyond unplayable according to Redditors. Players reported 2-3 hour queue times on Incendius during raid time.
      Blizzard has so far not responded to any of the reports and we will keep you updated should they come up with any solutions in the near future.
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