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Diablo 3 hacks are ruining the game

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The latest hack allows HC chars to be resurrected when they die.  This one will really ruin the game.

Other hacks such as the one to pick up gear automatically give an unfair advantage.

I understand the Bots can no longer be run.  It is time to stop the hacks.


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Can I just say that I wish the devs would actually implement an option to "loot all" or "loot all materials" as an automatic feature.  Heck, until I read this post, I didn't even know such a hack was available.  I assume this is for PC version ....


In any event, while I agree with you in theory, D3 is basically a single player game with multiplayer availability.  What you do in your game does not affect me in the least - and vice versa.  The exception to this of course is the leader board.  There are numerous ways that the devs could change the leader boards to accurately affect your "legit" progress.  I feel for you, but it seems that such matters are of low importance to those aforementioned devs.


Perhaps in D4 things will be different ... 

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