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WoW Classic EU Queue Times: September 12th

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If you plan on playing WoW Classic tonight in Europe, the average wait time in the region is 72 minutes. Most of the servers that were experiencing short queues are now at "High" population, and thus have no queues.

English Realms

Flamelash, Pyrewood Village, and Stonespine no longer have queues. On the other side of the spectrum, the queues on Gehennas went up to 6695 and you'll need to wait a whopping 214 minutes to log into the game tonight. Firemaw is up to 166 minutes (up from 88), and more.

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Ashbringer PvP 1862 1217 25 17 min
Firemaw PvP 4057 5914 88 166 min
Flamelash PvP 187 2 min
Gehennas PvP 3580 6695 98 214 min
Golemagg PvP 3832 5698 40 134 min
Mograine PvP 2164 2913 42 65 min
Noggenfogger PvP 825 58 10 1 min
Pyrewood Village Normal 275 2 min
Razorgore PvP 1000 311 13 5 min
Shazzrah PvP 3714 5412 85 94 min
Stonespine PvP 21 1 min

French Realms

Auberdine is no longer experiencing queues. If you're playing on Sulfuron, you'll wait 16 minutes (down from 53).

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Auberdine Normal 187 2 min
Sulfuron PvP 2643 1000 53 16 min

German Realms

Wait times increased on Lucifron overnight by 32 minutes.

Realm Name Type Position in Queue Estimated Time
Everlook Normal 1400 2099 21 34 min
Lucifron PvP 3124 4372 75 107 min
Venoxis PvP 1488 1108 22 20 min

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      The ongoing process of reducing all realms to only 1 layer (or 0, depending on how you look at it) had a big update today, as 17 more US and OC realms have had layering removed completely. After the previous update a few weeks ago this makes it 22, with the goal being that all realms are set to 1 by the time Phase 2 rolls out.
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      Free Character Moves in Europe will be available starting tomorrow from select realms in addition to the free transfers from all PvP servers to Mandokir (EU).
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      Beginning at 01:00 CEST (00:00 GMT) tomorrow (Friday 18th October), we will open the following Free Character Moves for realms in this region:
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      As always, we strongly encourage you to utilize the Free Character Move service as soon as possible. Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.
      Thank you!
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