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Many Players Moving from Private Servers to Classic

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We have a different type of player migration today, as not only are people moving servers in Classic, but we are also seeing a big contingent coming over from private servers! While not unexpected, this move is pretty significant, as some servers are even shutting down and having the people that manage them focus on just playing Classic instead. Just as a reminder of the size of the private server community, Nostalrius alone had around 150,000 players back when it shut down.

Kotaku ran an article talking to several people that managed or are running private servers, having them compare the two experiences and just talk Classic in general, with pretty much all of them extremely happy about the Vanilla experience returning in an official capacity.



“I couldn’t help it. I just wanted to stop working on privately owned projects and focus on myself for once. And that’s what I did… For years, I focused purely on the best experience for the players. Now it’s my own turn.”
- Ash, one of the managers of a private server

On Chronos and Elysium, two of the more popular private servers, populations have gone down by as much as 25%, although an even bigger drop was expected.


“I figured if Blizzard did it right, there would be no reason for us to continue on with the private server scene, which was just fine in my book. Log into any of the major private servers now and you will see a marked drop in player activity, as well as on their forums you will see people talking about leaving for Classic. Blizzard is the original creator of the game and it is only right that people will think they will do a better job with supporting, scripting, and managing the game and its servers.”
- One of Kronos' Game Masters

The rest of the article goes into detail on the differences between Classic and private servers, from how Classic could get far more things right (like quest mobs spawn locations, aggro ranges, the many bugs and exploits private servers couldn't fix, etc), to how the people that are sticking with the private serves are probably only doing so because they either can't afford a subscription or don't have a good enough PC to run Classic, or just out of protest against Activision.

You should read the full article which has many more quotes from private server GMs and managers, with some interesting insights into the Classic/private server dichotomy.

Images from the Classic stress test courtesy of u/xelfer and u/Raitaro on reddit.

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Well, makes complete sense. Private Servers often suffer from stability issues and bugs.

I like how one of the Kronos' Game Masters saw this moving as something positive.

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When I join a private server I never know if there will be some changed elements or custom items for premium members. People know what they get with Official Classic.


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      Blizzard have made free character transfers available for Classic Era US servers. This comes after the new patch was enabled, which didn't bring any new content but updated the infrastructure.
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      We have made the following Free Character Transfers available in this region:
      From To Realm Type Remulos Mankrik Normal Arugal Whitemane PvP Atiesh Mankrik Normal Faerlina Whitemane PvP Bloodsail Buccaneers Mankrik Normal Sulfuras Whitemane PvP Grobbulus Whitemane PvP Loatheb Whitemane PvP Deviate Delight Whitemane PvP Sul’thraze Whitemane PvP Please note that restrictions apply:
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      For more information, please see our complete guide to moving your character.
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