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Feign Death Bug and Upcoming Hotfix

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Here come some more Classic hotfixes, as Blizzard have found at least part of the issue that was causing problems with hunters' Feign Death. It seems the spell cancelling for turning is more sensitive in Classic than it was in 1.12, so it's much easier for the Feign to cancel out. The hotfix will address this issue, but excessive turning both during and after the cast will still cause it to fail, but it will be less likely after the hotfix.

There are other issues also being investigated regarding combat engagement during Feign Death:

Blizzard LogoFeign Death (source)

Hey everybody, I wanted to take a minute to talk about Feign Death. Hunters are understandably very concerned about the behavior of such an iconic ability, with a variety of important uses, and I want to assure you that we’re aware of your reports and we’re investigating. This one isn’t easy at all. In our reference builds, many of the same behaviors that players are reporting do occur, but sometimes with slight differences in timing or consistency, which makes it really difficult to even identify a clear bug in the first place. However, despite this difficulty we have made some progress here.

The first issue is that Feign Death cancels when you move, including if you turn, and very often high-skill hunters are running from an opponent, turning to shoot behind them, and then Feign Death to drop a trap. It some of these cases, Feign Death is failing because the spell-cancel on turning is more sensitive in WoW Classic than it was in 1.12. We’ve tracked down why it’s more sensitive, and we’re testing a change now that relaxes the spell cancellation to make it less likely that you’ll inadvertently trigger this if you’re trying to stop turning to cast Feign Death. That said, if you continue turning after the cast, or keep turning during the cast, you can still cause Feign Death to be cancelled. This fix will go out soon as a hotfix.

There are other reports about it taking too long to drop combat, or having combat re-activated because your pet is getting attacked, and we’re still looking at those issues. We’re tracking a couple of leads there, but we haven’t got this bug in our sights yet, so it may take a bit more time to figure out what’s really going on here.

I’m sorry it’s not a silver bullet, but hopefully it gives you some peace of mind to know we’re listening, and still investigating the issues.

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