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10m Heroic healing #

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Long story short, our guild just switched to a 10m from a 25m.  We were 10/14H as a 25m and after raiding as a 10m for two weeks we are back to where we left off at 10/14H and we are currently working on Thok.  We were all well versed in 25m strategies but are a tiny bit lacking in 10m strategies.  We have grasped mechanics fine so far (with a few sneaky exceptions on our first week ;)) but my real question is for those who have Heroic 10m experience and how many healers they bring to each fight.  Obviously some fights like spoils require 2 for the most part but it would be awesome if people could shed some light on how many healers they use for their 10m Heroic fights...thanks

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11/14H here healers are Disc/pally/druid

With gear they can all be 2 healed but generally we do as follows:

Immerseus - 3 heal

Protectors - 3 heal(fistweave heavily)

Norushen - 2 heal

Sha - 3 heal(solely fistwevae)

Galakras - 3 heal(fistweave until finalphase)

Iron Jugg - 3 heal

Shamans - 2 heal

Nazgrim - 3 heal

Malkorok - 3 heal easily 2 healable

Thok - 3 heal

Siegcrafter - not dead :(

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Here's my 10m list.


Immerseus - 2 heal w/ OS healing the blue puddles in late transitions

Protectors - 2 heal (Good interrupts and stacking trivializes incoming damage)

Norushen - 2 heal (Sending a Disc down first helps a lot with heals)

Sha - 2 heal (Comes down to rift management.  Be good, need less)

Galakras - 2 heal (The tower team doesn't need a healer if you have a reliable OS.  Druid HotW or Shaman AG works for us.)

Iron Jugg - 3 heal (Two heal is very possible, but you need some good OS CDs.  Three healing is a good way to progress)

Shamans - 2 heal (Pref a Disc Priest downstairs and anything else up, if you're doing a 3 tank strat)

Nazgrim - 2 heal (OS CDs for War Songs and good Arcweaver management are key to a 2 heal)

Malkorok - 2 heal (OS CDs for the pull and after Blood Rage to top off shields, and you should have no difficulty)

Thok - 3 heal (Hard to not)

Seigecrafter - 2 heal (This is even solo healable, but makes everything a lot riskier.)

Paragons - 2 heal (It seems like a lot of damage coming in on your first few pulls, but it eases up after Rikkal is dead.  Resist the temptation to 3 heal, as more DPS reduces incoming damage.)

Garrosh - 2 heal (There's really not a ton of damage being done to the raid if it's set up properly,  If you're taking too much, look into alternative strats for P1 add management, P2 Whirl management, and P3 add management.  P4 healing is a joke.)

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With a good Disc and Resto Druid combo, every fight can be 2 healed for the most part, it just requires extreme coordination between heals both before, during, and after fights. communication is the key

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