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Siegecrafter help 10N

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Hey folks,


Just had a long night of wipes on Seigecrafter 10N- its a progression boss for us.


I was tanking and covering for the raid leader, so found it hard to catch everything that was going on.


I did log, so if anyone's bored/curious/insecure/nice it would be great to have some feedback.




Best attempt was the 18th(!) pull where we got him to 10%.




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it's usually position off the action that determines this one. all your ranged have to think, where will i go when a saw comes out.



find a good lane from front to back for your team to try to gather the bad stuff, and dont stray too far into the area you are keeping clear. the light gray B is where the boss starts, and the light gray x is where you want the first saw to go down. after that keep all the saws on the bad side, and keep the ranged on the good side. 


remember dbm beeps the second he targets you and you can move as he casts. the saw position is fixed when the cast finishes, and you have the travel time to strafe away from teh saw to take no damage.

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It looks like people are taking too much damage from lot of avoidable sources. The tank who is tanking the Automated Shredder can call out for Death from Above, if needed and people need to be away from the ground effect this causes. People on the belts shouldn't be taking damage from the fire (Matter Purification Beam). Crawler mines on the ground should be prioritized and killed before they reach the target and detonate. People should also be aware of sawblades on the ground and not go near it.


The main unavoidable damage is the overload ability from the shredder, but if the tank who is on shredder kites them on top of sawblades and fire on the ground, they should be able to kill it soon after death from above for it to be of major concern.

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It looks to me like you're dying at the hands of Automated Shredders, mellee damage 20% on non tanks on your best try is not acceptable imo. Make sure your tanks are doing their switches properly and that they pay attention on timers and not stacks. If one dps is a little quick at pull the opening tank will miss out on 1 stack and will need to pick up the add at 2 instead of 3. This lowers his chance to take down the add quick enough and should be aided if so by some dots.


The tank in question needs to alert when Death from Above is cast and when he actually leaves ground for those poor souls with hearing issues. Communication is key and like Kitsu pointed out you really need to be aware of where you place the sawblades, both for the tanks sake and for the rest of the raid.


Tanks really need to be on their toes here as the distance between boss and the adds spawn location often sets you in a difficult situation on a late switch. Mellee damage on anyone other than tanks is not acceptable.


Also what are your priorities on the conveyer belt? I notice alot of damage sourcing from Magnetic Crush...


Even tho this  isn't...hopefully...applicable anymore!

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