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Detailed WoW Classic Map of Azeroth by Rhianolord

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Redditor Rhianolord posted a detailed WoW Classic map of Azeroth on /r/classicwow. He stumbled upon the Brady Games WoW Azeroth map (released back in Vanilla) and updated it with various points of interest including flight paths, zone level ranges, world boss locations, and more.

The result is a very detailed high-resolution map of Azeroth with all important locations.


Map Preview

Three versions of the map are currently available for download ranging from the low quality version (15MB) up to the highest quality TIF with the size of 470 MB.


Low Quality JPG (15 MB) (same as above but corrected) *UPDATED* *MIRROR FILE BELOW*



You can read the full post by Redditor Rhianolord here.

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I can't even open these pictures. They are way too large to be easily manipulated in practice, which makes them pretty useless IMHO. What you want is a low-detail world map, and then many high detail region maps, ideally linked from the world map so you can easily navigate.

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On 10/8/2019 at 10:08 AM, Smorod said:

I can't even open these pictures. They are way too large to be easily manipulated in practice, which makes them pretty useless IMHO. What you want is a low-detail world map, and then many high detail region maps, ideally linked from the world map so you can easily navigate.

What? I opened it on my work computer with ease. You can even zoom both in and out. 

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On 10/9/2019 at 10:57 AM, Znifler said:

I opened it on my work computer with ease.

My bad, it turned out to be a limitation of the picture viewer I was using. I switched to a different picture viewer and I can open the files just fine now.

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