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[H] <Condemned> Arugal OCE Recruiting!

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[Horde] <Condemned> Oceanic - PvP - Arugal 

Looking to start raiding next week!

Raid Schedule: AEST Thur-Sun 6-10pm

Times subject to change and extra day added for later content.

Loot: DKP. Tank items will be Loot Council when necessary for progression.

About us:
<Condemned> is a newly formed guild lead by online friends with many years private server experience, now looking to take that knowledge and impart it onto any and all that want to join us on our classic journey from zero to hero! Recruiting all players of all levels and swiftly filling our core raid team, the effort you put in with us will be rewarded, we all work full time and understand life can get in the way but love to take a serious approach to wow in the time we can, but we are about banter as much as we are about succeeding so a good sense of humour is always comfortable! Love a drink on the weekends which is when discord is really alive, we will be getting involved with plenty of PvP and ingame guild events (duel tournaments with prizes, alliance raids, event crashing etc) Come join the fun!

What we offer:

  • A good learning experience for anyone new to vanilla
  • Knowledgeable and experienced leadership
  • Constant banter and laughs
  • Thriving guild chat
  • Thriving discord
  • Fair loot distribution
  • Fun guild events

Ideal Candidates:

  • Mature, 18yrs+
  • Have a mic and are able to communicate in English
  • Understanding of basic class mechanics
  • Prepared and on time to raid with proper talents
  • Positive Attitude - No negative/toxic players
  • Effort in understanding encounters (watches guides etc)
  • Good sense of humour
  • Can take constructive criticism

Apply @ Our Discord!



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