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Lock Destru bad dps improvement

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Hi everyone ! 

I've been having a lot of issues concerning my Destru lock's dps ( kind of since MoP as I think about it. lol. ). 

Here's my character and its specs https://worldofwarcraft.com/fr-fr/character/eu/elune/luxandra

I use addons like DBM, Details!, WA2 and since BFA I've been using Maxdps ( it helped improve my dps but I'm still soooo low..) 

Here's the thing : with everything you can see on my Chara page, in MM+, I can't make my dps go more than 20k overall,

which I think is way too low...( I mean, sometimes I get teamed up with Destru Locks on worldbosses, and the guy's 50k overall, chaosbolt 25k critic - mine's like 9k - and when I look him up he's elvl 410... see my point ? ^^ ) I can proc up to 50k, sometimes more, but then my dps just keeps dropping back to 20, sometimes 15k ! 

I want to get better ( so I don't get insulted anymore ^^' and so I keep enjoying playing my Lock as much as my DH ). 

What am I doing wrong ? ? 


ps : Sorry I don't have any combatlog or anyone to compare at the moment, I'll try do add it later. 


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