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Iron out bad habits early

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Hi Guys,


I hit level 90 and have had a go in LFR i was having fun getting used to some new macro's and weak auras until Sha of fear so there were obvious problems in the previous fights.

I mainly wanted to practice on sha due to its fight structure of single target nuke boss with predictable add waves and i was trying to pay attention to everything.


I know i am missing enchants and reforged sub optimal but im more interested in rotation at this point with my gear going to be changing rapidly. I am happy with the numbers i pulled given i was only simulating at 96k ish single target at the time.


immolate was 93% up on sha (it dropped when i switched to the adds a few times).


I tried to follow the dont cap embers and CB > 3.5 but i found that as i was getting to the 3+ ember range it was lining up with the adds spawns so i was using them to havoc/shadowburn instead.


This may just be that i dont have int trinkets/crit rating/haste to gain embers fast enough, but on a fight like this would it have been better to dump more CB or is the SB spam better off? (i should note that due to living in Australia and not having fibre connections i tend to have anywhere between 290 - 350 ping, i have found sniping SB hard at times)


My next thought is the 2 charges of dark soul. I began the fight with 1 default ember and used the first charge to increase my ember generation until it dropped then used my 2nd charge and dumped CB. Is there a better way to build embers fast or will it simply be as i get better trinkets/gear that i will gain embers fast enough and it will simply be a case of procs up = Dump as many CBs as possible?








Cheers in advance for any input to some possibly glaring rotational errors.

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Tiers 5 and 6 are wrong for you, GoSac is only a DPS gain once you have a KTT or if you're on a fight where pets are total fucking morons (think Garrosh or Spoils) so you'll want to use GoSup Imp or Observer, all of the pets from top to bottom are about ~500DPS +/- so it's all about the utility. Personally I use the Imp when I GoSup in PvE because fuck that creepy god damn eyeball. And Imps are cool.


AD is a total sack of shit. The "extra" charge of DS it gives you doesn't recharge independently of the main charge. So end of the fight you only get one extra DS by the end of the fight. KJC is way, way better.


Gems are fine.


Don't feel bad with shity dps at that gear level, ilvl and trinkets are going hold you back HARD.




Quick pass, Im not seeing anything GLARINGLY bad, but I'm super tired and kind of out of it. I'll take a closer look tomorrow if no one else goes around to it by then.

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Immolate across the board looks a little low. Main thing to work on would be improving that uptime. Don't forget you have Pandemic so you can be much more loose in how you DoT before turning to an add.


Everything else looks about where it should be for your gear level, Fel Flame is bad but Im assuming you were using that due to taking AD and I covered that already, 


If you used glyphed Havoc, then your uptime with it on Protectors is good. If you were using unglyphed, then you really need to work on Havocing more also.


Rest looks solid.

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Thanks Locky,


Yeah i wasnt paying much attention on the first 3 bosses.


I will have to get Affdots or something for pandemic.


Fel Flame - you are correct


Protectors Havoc - was me being bad and not paying attention.


I have switch to KJC.


With the havoc glyph is this aimed more for bosses that have many adds to get more shadowburns during execute? Or simply to get more cleave CB in a CD on council style fights ? or both lol?


Thanks for the input :)

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Use the Glyph for Protectors, Sha of Pride (Manifestation on 60 sec CD), and Paragons for the burst.  The rest have a better use for 25 second Havoc instead.  The difference is small, so if you're not optimally using Havoc on 25 sec CD, use the Glyph and use it every minute to have a smaller DPS penalty.

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