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Necromancer lazy Pestilence possible?

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I have recently completed the Pestilence set and was wondering if it can be played on full-auto, ie mostly passives and auras.

With that set you get Corpse Lance which is auto-target and auto-cast. You only need to consume a corpse, eg Corpse Explosion + Close Quarters and/or Devour + Aura.

I also note the Empowered Bone Spear which is a 3300% buff with 100 count, further buffed by Maltorius' Petrified Spike.

I therefore tried to make a build that would automatically consume a corpse as I move near it with the Devour Aura and fire Corpse Lances automatically, create more corpses like a chain reaction. I could also "help" by casting Corpse Explosion + Close Quarters, again I would simply spam the button,  no need to aim.

For expending Essence I would use Empowered Bone Spear + Maltorius' Petrified Spike.

Now the only thing you'd need would be a corpse to start off with, so you get one with Bone Spear and then go from there.

This works fantastically in low levels and you simply run over the mobs and it just kills them, much like the Barb's WW, but with many more explosions on screen. And you do not need to press any buttons more or less, simply move over the mobs.

Unfortunately this breaks at higher levels because mobs will not die of a few Bone Spears and you find yourself with 0 Essence and no corpses to use in the area. Even with the Moribund gloves I do not think that one corpse every second is going to cut it.

Has anyone experimented with the Pestilence set and is there a way to do what I am trying to do? 

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you could also go poison with the scythe that buffs poison damage, slotting in poison runes for each ability. That would help with the late game bone spear damage, as you would stack it up then let the lances fly. I'm still working for pestilence this season, but this definitely seems like a build, albeit inherently weaker due to its auto nature. 


If you want a true "me turn brain off" build, try the simulacrum, Land of Dead, Corpse lance build. you just pop double your infinite corpse lances and pray for the best when you're on cooldowns.

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