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Warlock destro end game

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HI guys

I have a question, i see some people which have il from 570 to 580 (hero gear) and they go to the second breakpoin of haste 30%.

Now i don't understand the static priority .

first is mastery and is a must

second is crit or haste?

Go to 30 of hast or i go to crit? i m confuse!!!

Ty all!smile.png

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Players who are 570+ item level understand that their secondary stats have very little to do with how good they are.  They already know how to play to a high level, so they fluxuate their secondary stats on a need or personal level. 


It doesn't matter if you take Haste or Crit.  Ideally, you want to keep them close, but perhaps the players you're looking at are also playing Affliction as their secondary spec.  In this case, they'd want more Haste than Crit.  Please refer to the other guides here in regards to secondary stats being largely inconsequential.  There is nothing to be confused about.

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