Haste points and gear

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Hello folks!


Wee question please.


Link to my armory - :-


Question is at what level (ilevel) would you scholars recommend hitting the other haste points at please?


I was thinking about probably going up to the next breakpoint but was toying with the idea whether my gear was good enough to sustain it.


Thanks a mil!


Your wee noob mistweaver


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Hi there,


I have been following the personal rule of whichever breakpoint i can reach without dropping below 40% crit(raid buffed), there is no ilvl as such. It will depend on the gear you have.


I would stay where you are currently.


Happy Killing smile.png

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Yep, just use the Mr. Robot weights here and stay above 30-35% crit.  Its really a personal choice.  If you want to see what haste does to your numbers by dropping some crit, go for it and test it out.



All in all its your playstyle is what makes the difference, just need to find what suits it.


Genrally: Crit = more healing with reliabe crits and mana tea, while haste = faster ReM ticks, faster SCK and/or DPS

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