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Returning Mage Stat Priority...HELP!

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Good afternoon everyone!



Down to brass tax...I returned to game a  couple of weeks ago and have been struggling to find a "definitive" answer for my stat priority and I was wondering if icy-veins would finally be the place to help me!


My Stats are as follows:

Self Buffed with frost armor

Haste Rating-15,414 (45.81%)

Crit-6,223 (26.65%)

Hit-5,154 (15.16%)



I use LB during most my fights, and am basically wondering...Am I over what I should be on haste and am wasting it by not reforging somethings to mastery?  I know everyone has probably seen this post a thousand times now but still I feel like i should really find he answer since I have gotten back into raiding and feel like I can have a higher dps output.


Armory Link- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Laslowz/advanced


Also I just picked these gloves yesterday (warforged)-http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/105213     , would using my tier gloves and getting my 4 piece also be a bigger dps boost? Since I have heard 50/50 about the mage 4 piece.


Thank you for your time-Laz


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Hey there! Unfortunately there's nothing truly definitive with stat priorities as frost.


On my guide you can get a nice broad explanation for why you'd choose certain priorities over others.


For now I'm in a hurry so I'll just tell you what to do :P

Gloves ->Enchant to Superior Mastery

Back -> Gem Reckless Vermillion Onyx

Chest -> Gem 3x Quick Sun's Radiance and ignore the socket bonus (Trust me)


Reforge Gloves 442 crit -> mastery

Reforge 1st Ring 244 hit -> mastery

Trinket Reforge 632 hit -> mastery


This will bring you to 14247 haste, 9122 mastery and you'll be golden for pretty close to perfection!

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I will DEFINATLY take a look at your guide! Thank you so much for your help! It just takes some stress off the old nogan when you hear an opinion that is close to what you were thinking!

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