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Fury DPS Help

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Not sure if i am where i should be about, or if im under performing.




As you can see i am extremly unlucky when it comes to trinkets.  Have only been on this character a few weeks, since i wasn't really raiding with him until i was able to get my cloak (originally a alt character i didn't care about who became my main, hence why i just got my cloak) I am also aware that i will be at exp cap (or near it) with upgrading the talisman once, as i plan on doing that today.




Our raid from last night.  All fights were done in fury.  I know arms is better for like spoils and galak however with my current reforging im under hit cap when i get rid of 1 of the weapons, plus i was curious to see what kind of damage i could do in those fights a fury as we have them on farm status anyway.


Thanks for the help :-)

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Hello Laiced!


Looks to me like you are putting up solid numbers, so you obviously have a handle on spell priority/rotation.


After running a simulator with your current gear, it has you at about 298k dps. Certain encounters (e.g. Iron Jugg, Malkorok) will allow you to have higher uptime than others because of boss mechanics, so those are the 2 pulls that you should use to judge your progression as far as single target dps. Keep in mind that nobody is really expected to perform up to their single target simulation's standards, but what this does mean is that there's always room for improvement!



First, it looks like you use Colossus Smash on pull before using Blood Thirst. If you are doing an optimal opening rotation (detailed very well in the Fury Warrior Class Guide on this website - if you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend doing so!), you should actually use 2 Blood Thirsts before you even use your first Colossus Smash. This allows you to have plenty of rage to cast 1 Heroic Strike for every Global Cooldown on your very first Colossus Smash, and will also more or less guarantee that you are enraged for the duration of the CS debuff while never falling short of the necessary number of Raging Blow procs, assuming you are following the correct priority while the debuff is up. Also, you'll pretty much never have to use your Berserker Rage on pull, which can be quite nice for that occasional extra early proc/enrage you may need.


With this, keep in mind that you should have 80+ rage every time you Colossus Smash. I'm not sure if this is an issue for you or not, but it does seem at times that you miss out on some Heroic Strike opportunities during the CS debuff. Other than that, you should only cast Heroic Strike if Wild Strike cannot be used to dump rage before a rage cap (basically - if you are near rage cap and Bloodsurge procs, use Heroic Strike while burning your free Wild Strikes). It is also necessary at times to use a Raging Blow/Heroic Strike combo while outside of CS debuff in order to keep from wasting a Raging Blow proc while near the rage cap.


There are some other helpful people around here who are probably more knowledgeable than me, but hopefully this at least helps! Feel free to post any questions you may have.

Edited by Krygan

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Doesn't look too bad. You don't have EEoG, so remember to use Stormbolt on cooldown, with every other being inside a CS. I don't really see any HS spam during CS on your logs, you could probably improve there. It also looks like you're using HS a lot outside of CS whereas WS should be your go-to rage dump when not in CS.


You also missed out on a couple SB uses (as said above) and one CS use.


Other than that, Krygan covered a lot of good points, so keep what he said and this in mind and you should be able to do even better.

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