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Confused at my dps?

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Hello Icyveins warriors, 
i am here to ask about what i should be doing and what i need to change.

i am a fury/arms 544 warrior and i am currently unsure whether to choose fury or dps and am fairly new to this technical side of things 

As a 544 warrior i see guides on the internet talking about being enraged 80% of the battle, i just cant seem to do that - is my item level too low? 

My Armory is


i am currently following the spell rota from icy veins website itself



Sometimes i may make some mistakes and fail my rota...

My dps is around 100k-130k (it varies i have no idea how) and i feel like that is far too low for my ilvl, Someone has commented on my dps and said that i should be doing 160k dps?

sorry that i dont have a worldoflogs, i dont know how to use it :/

ATM i haven't been enchanting alot of my gear simply because i feel like it can be replaced fairly easily and i do not want to waste money because i am kinda low (around 1k gold) 

On my server (Lightning's Blade) i dont think there is any raiding guilds? although i know some pretty big guilds such as Paragon.

1. Is my ilvl too low for 80% enrage time?
2. am i failing my rota that badly that i lose about 30-60k dps?
3. Fury or arms for my ilvl and weapons

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1: Yes. It's not really your ilvl, but your gear simply doesn't have enough crit for you to sustain a good enrage uptime and constant RB procs for Fury.


2: Mistakes in your rotation, especially during your CS windows, will definitely easily cost you that much DPS.


3: Until you get more crit on your gear, I'd stick with Arms for now if I were you, especially if you have no previous experience as Fury.


Also, both your trinkets are really bad, you should try and replace them ASAP. The fact that you don't enchant your gear is also a huge hinderance to your DPS.



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3. atm its very hard for me to get trinkets as i haven't found a raiding guild and i'm only able to do flex/lfr 
haven't been very lucky with my rolls on thok/gala/para. 

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Fusion Fire Core is still plain horrible. You'd be better off with the 522 Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan for valor, by a fair margin.

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