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Diablo 4: Unveiled Panel Summary

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Here comes the Diablo 4 panel with a lot of new info we'll be covering live. Here are the main highlights:

  • Shared open world, 5 connected zones
  • Non-linear campaign
  • Huge zones requiring mounts to traverse
    • Mount customizations
  • Skill trees and runewords
  • Character cosmetic customization: tatoos, hair, skin and more
  • Barbarians can equip 4 weapons, Druids can seamlessly shapeshit between forms
  • Legendaries will be the centerpoint of builds, sets will be back but not as dominant
    • Items will give bonuses to active and passive skills


  • Open world with 5 continuous regions
  • 5 Classes
  • Weather, day and night cycles
  • Hundreds of dungeons and legendary items


  • Inspired by occult, demonic and biblical themes
  • Campfire character select screen directly inspired by Diablo 2
  • Barbarian will have 4 weapon slots - the Arsenal system
    • Depending on the skill, the barb will pull out the appropriate weapon


  • Druid
    • Storm and earth magic
    • Werebear, werewolf and caster forms
    • Seamless shapeshifting - start an attack in one form and mid-swing you will transform into another form. Weave between different forms as you use different skills in combat.
    • Wasn't originally going to be in the game, but this art piece inspired them to add it:


  • Sorceress
    • Fire wall, blizzard, Lightning Dash skills


  • Character customization, tatoots, hair, skin and more


  • Skill customization, play it your way
  • Skill trees!


  • Runewords are back and will be detailed in the next Diablo panel
  • Open world, non-linear campaign
  • Big maps with mounts required to traverse them


  • You will see other players in towns, inspect them, look for a group etc.
  • Difficult World events that may not be soloable


  • You won't have to socialize to finish the game
  • PvP zones
  • Mount customizations that affect gameplay: trophies mounted, armor, etc.
  • Demon horses, flayed horses


  • Dismount abilities, class specific
    • Sorceres dismounts by turning into an iceball
  • Dungeons:
    • Darkest, most evil spaces in a Diablo game so far
    • Dark corners, lighting up as you move through
    • Randomized


  • We'll be going back to hell, of course


  • Monsters
    • The Fallen are back
    • The Drowned, undead from the oceans - maritime curses


  • Items
    • Legendaries will be emphasized for build variety, sets will exist but won't be dominant
    • Affixes will improve talent and skill ranks
    • More legendaries than ever


  • Not coming out soon, not even "Blizzard soon"
  • Huge Lilith statue at BlizzCon and smaller variant as well


For more details check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub!

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I really hope they fix the colors and contrast of shadows. While this does look darker than Diablo III, it kinda looks "foggy", with washed out colors, and the "shadowy aspect" don't look as dark as I expected. Since this is still in development, I really hope this changes in the final product, plus allowing players to tweak those graphical aspects.

All in all, I'm super hyped for this game, although I did prefer their original concept for the so called "Project Fenrir" where the perspective would be 3rd person akin to Dark Souls.

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      Obviously we can't confirm these number as it's an individual player's findings, but we see no reason they'd be fabricated.

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      Spotted by AnyComputer, a Necromancer player had the item drop in Blind Burrows, and AnyComputer even translated it for us!

      Source: Melted Heart of Selig dropped today.

      This one isn't one of the more wanted ultra-rares, which may also be the reason why we've seen it last. Many players may have just salvaged it without even knowing it was something special, as it's effect isn't that impressive.

      As we already mentioned in previous posts, these almost certainly aren't the first ones dropped and there are many more than have been reported out there (just without image or video proof) so their rarity is a little over-represented. They are still very rare, however, and most of us probably won't be seeing them any time soon.

      The final 5 arrived in the past week after Harlequin's Crest was found relatively soon after launch. You can find them here: Andariel's Visage; The Grandfather; Doombringer; Ring of Starless Skies. If you really really want to throw a lot of time into maybe, possibly, probably not getting these, here are the spots for "farm" them in.

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      Killthuzad was running a tier 37 Nightmare Dungeon and really showcases just how easy it is to lose a character on Hardcore.

      Death Pulse does say that the pulse a monster leaves after death is "deadly", but this is on a whole new level! The goblin was level 91, however, so perhaps this isn't that surprising, but it sure was unexpected. Killthuzad's reaction is very much on point as that is definitely the weirdest way I've seen of someone losing their character.
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      This isn't necessarily (or even likely) the first of these that has dropped, but we haven't spotted anyone posting about it before. Now all that's left for that player is to get ANOTHER one with a better roll! Here's the weapon's non-Chinese stats:

      Blizzard recently shared some information on the 6 ultra-rare Uniques and how they can drop. We also saw a handy infographic going over where the best place is to farm for them over here.
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