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Final Two Classes - Witch and Monk

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Based on the locations announced for the game, I think that Witch and Monk will be the final two classes announced. Witch will replace Necromancer as summoning class, with one skill tree in Necromancy and one in Curses, based on description of Hawezar:

"Poison, disease, and despair spread over this region like mold, growing and infecting everything within. Hawezar is a deadly land, even to those familiar with its tortuous—and torturous—paths. Witches intone long-forgotten curses within the swamps, and only those who deal in death—or wish to find it—willingly come here."

Last skill tree a poison-based direct-damage tree maybe. Monks to fill in as ranged class possibly, as the Fractured Peaks region that mentions them is mountainous.

Maybe not, but Witch summoning class would be cool. I don't think they'll reprise Necromancer so soon after Rise of the Necromancer appearance.




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They're lacking a bow based ranged class, which the franchise has always had. Since currently all of the classes are D2 classes that makes me think they may go with the Amazon, but I could see a Demon Hunter like class which combines aspects of a bow based ranged combat, traps, poisons and pets. Maybe call it a Witch Hunter this time around just to be different and fit the theme of the zone?

One thing I'm really hoping for is that they bring back healing and support builds. I understand why they moved away from it, because with a 4 man meta, 1 dps, 1 tank, and 2 supports wasn't much fun. but on the flipside doing a 100 man raid with all dps doesn't seem like much fun either. I'd like to see them add in a paladin which can tank and provide buffs to allies through auras. and a Shaman which can heal and provide buffs with totems.

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