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Heroes of the Storm Update Details : Deathwing, Mephisto's Revenge Event, Train Mount, New Skins

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Here's the official Heroes press kit from Blizzard with more details about Deathwing, Mephisto's Revenge (Toy II) event, Nexus anomalies, the all-new Train Mount, Hero Mastery Rings, and more.

For more details check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub!

Blizzard LogoBlizzard

Introducing Deathwing

The Heroes of the Storm team has never been afraid to push boundaries by bringing unique Heroes into the Nexus, while constantly redefining the MOBA experience. Deathwing is the latest genre-defying Hero to enter the fray with a playstyle all his own—one befitting the much-anticipated Aspect of Death. Years of experience and learning have culminated in Deathwing’s arrival. As the hour of twilight begins, the time has finally come to take to the skies and sweep molten death across the Nexus!

  • Above All Others—Permanently Unstoppable and covered by reinforced armor plates, the Unmaker of Worlds looks down upon all living things—including his own team. To balance his immense power, Deathwing sports one great weakness: he cannot be targeted or healed by his allies. Those who are daring enough to try Deathwing will have to utilize their own cunning and be strategic in how they choose to wield his incredible strength!
  • Form Swap—Three Basic Abilities was not enough to do Deathwing justice, so instead he has five! While playing as Deathwing, players will have the ability to swap freely between two forms, each of which offering a different way of disrupting your enemies and extinguishing their pitiful lives. Destroyer and Worldbreaker are Deathwing’s two distinct Nexus forms!
    • The Destroyer—In Destroyer form, Deathwing becomes an aggressive physical juggernaut, wading into enemies and using his wings and teeth to rip them apart.
    • The Worldbreaker—While in Worldbreaker form, his focus becomes destroying the very earth around him and using that to hinder and control his enemies’ movements.
  • Dragonflight—Too large for any mount, Deathwing relies on a much more draconic means of traversing the map. A global mobility tool, Dragonflight will take him to the clouds, where he becomes Invulnerable while both healing and gaining back any missing Armor Plates. As soon as he is healthy enough, he can choose whether to come crashing back down to the battlefield in either Destroyer or Worldbreaker forms.

Toys II – Mephisto’s Revenge

  • Everyone’s favorite Winter event is back! Players will earn repeatable rewards for completing quests and traversing the newly re-envisioned gameboard! This year, however, someone new has come along to spread holiday hatred… the sinister Tickle Mephisto!
    • This unique skin will be released to players alongside the colorful Cosmonaut Qhira!
  • All aboard! New to this year’s Toy Event is the Train Mount. Stake your claim in the Nexus by choo-choo-choosing this new mount! Steamroll down a lane and get your team on track to victory.

Seasonal Gameplay Changes & Mastery Rings

  • It’s now visually easier to understand how and where experience comes from—introducing Experience Globes! In the past, the acquisition of Minion experience (the act of “soaking”) was largely invisible, which made it difficult for players to understand how incredibly important it is. For our first seasonal change, we are giving players a brand-new educational tool to help show them where all this valuable experience is coming from!
    • Minions no longer give Experience by simply killing them, but instead drop an Experience Globe that must be collected.
      • Visually reminiscent of picking up globes in Diablo III (ex. Nephalem Globes, Health Globes), Experience Globes in Heroes will drop and must be collected by players.
  • If showing off your skill and intimidating your enemies excites you, boy do we have some incredible news to share with you! The Heroes team is hard at work prototyping the next two versions of the Hero Mastery Rings.
    • Levels 50 and 100+ should be making their debut in the Nexus soon!

Deathwing Key Art


BlizzCon Toy Models (Tickle Mephisto & Astronaut Qhira)


Toy Train Mount


Deathwing Abilities

[Q] Both Forms


[R] Both Forms


[Z] Both Forms


Trait - Aspect of Death


[W] Worldbreaker Form


[E] Worldbreaker Form


[W] Destroyer Form


[E] Destroyer Form


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12 hours ago, lChronosl said:

I wonder if "mountless" heroes like Ragnaros and Mephisto will be able to use the toy train.

Probably not.

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