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Diablo 4: Systems and Features Panel Summary

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It's time to go deep with the classes, skills, dungeons and more for D4! We had a slot of snippets from the two developer interviews from the streams yesterday, but a lot of it was left in the air and somewhat fuzzy, so hopefully we get a clearer picture today, as the presentation is about to start! We'll be updating this post with all the news.

Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for more details!

We have the Lead Systems, Lead UI, lead dungeon and Lead game designers for this panel.

The big message throughout the panel is user feedback - they want to know what players think so they can adjust their development goals.

  • Sorceress - the main caster class
  • Barbarian - the master of weapons
    • Arsenal system - 2 1 handed weapons, 2 2handed weapons, so he can equip more legendaries than any other class
  • Druid
    • Werewolf and werebear forms
    • Specific mechanics tied to the moment you transform (damage reduction when you change to werebear etc.)
    • You can control the timing on when you get the bonuses from shapeshifting
  • Skill point tomes, points from leveling
  • More powerful talents as you go down the tree


Open World

  • Shared and contiguous
  • Dungeons are private all the way - up to 4 player party
  • Campaign goes to some dungeons and overworld
  • Campaign areas will start as private until you complete the specific objective of that section of the campaign, at which point it becomes public and you'll start seeing other players
  • The number of players you share the overworld with varies by location
    • Most of the time you will be alone
      • With the exception of world bosses and towns
  • You will be able to play with friends who are on different parts of the campaign and you will progress together
  • Couch-co-op on consoles
  • All the best items and content progression will be available to all, regardless if solo or group


A very helpful illustration of the social options - solo, party, clan, voice chat, public and couch co-op


  • Randomized interior and exterior environments
  • Seamless exploration - no loading screens between floors
  • Actions in one part of the dungeon can affect another part
  • Random events
    • No longer restricted to a specific place in the world
    • Bishibosh Altars can appear in different parts of the world
  • Dungeon objectives
    • Progressing the objective increases difficulty and rewards
    • Enemy responds to your progress
  • Endgame dungeons
    • Varied content, strategic depth and player agency are the pillars
    • Dungeon key drops in the world for a specific dungeon
    • It will upgrade an existing dungeon to a more difficult endgame one, with affixes
    • There are affixes that affect the players, enemies and environment
      • Example: all enemies are invisible unless they're in combat
      • Double bosses in the dungeon
      • Lightning pulse - a giant stone follows you around the dungeon and damages you, you cant destroy it
    • Hundreds of dungeons and each can become and endgame one with the correct key
    • They key provides you with information ahead of time, so you can specialize your build and items to tackle the specific dungeon, as you know it from previous times you've played, with the addition of affix specific build adjustments
    • Many keys will drop, you can dismantle them as well for crafting mats



Fallen Lunatic

  • Monster families are important - fallen, skeletons
    • They work together to provide a bigger challenge
    • Shield skeletons which stun, crossbow skeletons fire from mid-range and the skeletal ballista - an amalgamation of skeletons that can fire from multiple screens way

Skeletal ballista

  • Elites
    • Enhancing affixes
      • Improve upon the monster's base abilities - multishot skeletal ballista
      • Shaman can resurrect multiple fallen

Tomb Lord boss

  • Bosses
    • Tomb Lord - resurrects skeletons, summons bone walls that explode, blinds you with bone storm
    • Ashava - First World boss
      • The camera has to pull out because of its size
  • Stagger system
    • Crowd control effects have an effect on bosses - they fill the stagger bar
    • When the stagger bar fills, each boss goes into a specific behavior
      • For Ashava you break one of its arm blades, changing the encounter
      • You can break both arm blades, making the encounter much safer
  • Evade ability aka dodge
    • Every class has it
  • Unstoppable status
    • Granted by many skills
    • Immunity to crowd control


  • Items
    • Normal, Magic, Rare as the standard
    • Affixes are both new and returning
    • + x to skill or talent rank
      • This allows you to gain access to parts of the talent tree you wouldn't normally have
      • You can go beyond the maximum of talent ranks (6/5 etc)
  • Legendaries and Sets
    • Regular and Ancient legendaries and sets
    • Legendaries will be equal or greater power than set items
    • Examples
      • Teleport creates a barrier that absorbs 30% of your max HP
      • Teleport creates a rift in your path on the ground which increases crit when you stand in it
      • Teleport has no cooldown but teleports you randomly
      • Cast nova at teleport location
      • All of the above are different item slots and can be used together
    • There will be non-skill specific legendaries as well


  • Mythic items
    • Best items in the game
    • Can only equip one
    • They have 4 legendary powers on them
    • More info to come
    • Unclear whether they have existing legendary powers or unique mythic only ones


  • Runes
    • 2 types of rune - condition and effect
    • You can combine any condition with any effect rune
    • Runes will have progression, more info to come



  • Monetization
    • Base game and expansions
    • They will not sell power
  • Build customization
    • More options than just legendaries
    • Additional points in skills also add new effects (unstoppable component for Barbarian shout)
    • Item affixes will be important
  • No offline mode
  • Trading
    • Core part is getting loot through killing monsters
    • Currently there a re 3 different types of items
      • Always tradaeble
      • Tradeable 1 time
      • Not tradeable, you have to earn them - endgame items
    • A lot of flexibility on which items will be in which category
  • PvP
    • Same skills, talents and items for PvP and PvE
    • Builds should be very different in PvP, but come from the same pool
    • No different rulesets or balance for PvP and PvE
  • Legendary drop rate
    • They won't drop as much as in Diablo 3
    • Drop rates will not be modified as you get farther into endgame
  • Speed/pace of combat
    • Will depend on the specific key dungeon and its affixes
    • Some dungeons will be a faster run through and skip mobs, while some you'll be chased by the lightning stone and some you have to clear all enemies so you can be slower
  • There will be a varied difficulty of content in the endgame
  • Affixes will be randomized within a range
  • Customizing affixes, not really sure how yet
  • Post-game release support
    • Seasons
      • Change up the meta and gameplay styles each season
      • New legendaries
      • Spotlights on existing legendaries, making them more powerful
  • Hardcore mode will be in the game
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    • By Starym
      Here comes the previously announced blog from Lead Systems designer David Kim (formerly of StarCraft 2), in which he goes over the most talked about topics after the reveal. We find out more about the team's plans and thoughts on itemization, elective mode, ancient items, endgame progression, sources of power and key dungeons!
      You should really rad the whole thing as it's got a lot of info, but here are the new things mentioned:
      Elective mode will be the same as in D3, bind anything to anywhere Ancients won't be simple like in D3, feedback has changed their mind Endgame progression systems (aka paragon level equivalents) are still debated whether they should be finite or infinite
        System Design (source)
      I have learned over years of experience that the player community is an incredibly valuable resource to draw upon when designing and refining a game. By working together, we can achieve great things. The biggest challenge with parsing community feedback is that with so many opinions, the takeaways are rarely unanimous. Diablo IV is still very much in active development, but we plan to keep you in the loop as we continue to design and iterate so that you can be a part of what we’re building. I am so incredibly appreciative for all the feedback we’ve received so far and I’m eager to dive into some of the most talked about topics.
      We’re still working through all the feedback that came in regarding itemization and we’re actively discussing ways to add more depth and complexity to base items (including Rares), ways to add greater variety to item affixes to make those powers interesting and your choices meaningful, and ways to give players more freedom to choose how to customize items, so you can have fun exploring a wide range of effective gameplay possibilities instead of just looking up “the optimal build” online.
      We’ll go into way more depth regarding itemization in a separate post soon, but we don’t want to leave you hanging until then—so we’re going to update you on a few other topics now.
      These are some of the topics that we’re seeing come up most often, but if we’re missing something, please let us know and we will try to share our thoughts on those subjects as well in future updates.
      Elective Mode in Diablo IV
      There’s a misconception that Diablo IV will lock skills to specific slots because of the BlizzCon demo user interface. Like many other things in the demo, the UI is not final and we will support Elective Mode-style skill selection. Skill selection and assignment will always be completely open for all players.
      Ancient Items
      We completely agree with the community sentiment—Ancients as they are don’t really serve a clear purpose in Diablo IV. We should have done a better job of explaining the role of Ancient Items in Diablo IV. We had a preliminary direction to share, but you’ve brought up some great points, so we’re revisiting our designs with your feedback in mind. We hope to have more details to share in the follow-up itemization update.
      Endgame Progression System
      We haven’t decided whether the character leveling and experience system should be finite or infinite. We’ve been discussing the pros and cons of both and would love to hear your thoughts. There seems to be some concern around infinite being worse because it will eventually overshadow all the power granted by other sources. However, we can control how much power each system gives, whether it’s infinite or finite.
      For example, say we’re talking about thousands of hours of gameplay . . . within those thousands of hours, we could choose to create a finite system that grants 1,000,000 times more power than an infinite system, making it practically impossible for the infinite system to catch up in power.
      Also, power increase doesn’t need to be linear throughout the ranks—it can slow down as players reach higher levels. We believe the more important question is what experience feels best for players, and we can playtest various approaches to tuning to find the power curve that makes the most sense.
      We have a couple reasons for having a different experience system in addition to a level cap. A level cap gives us the ability to grant players a sense of completion. But for players who want to go deeper into the game, a second experience system allows us to capture the fun of achieving those really difficult endgame goals and ranks. We can also introduce additional depth through this system, because players will be more experienced with the game at this point. Ultimately, our goal is to create a meaningful system that provides clear choices depending on your preferred playstyle in the endgame.
      Sources of Power
      The community has shared many good points on the topic of power sources and we’re reevaluating how much power comes from each source at any given time.
      However, we want to clarify that in Diablo IV, power doesn’t come mostly from items. We want to have a good mix of power sources: characters naturally get stronger as they level up, skills have ranks that increase power, talents provide specific playstyle choices and additional character power, and of course items grant power and meaningful choices as well.
      Something else to keep in mind is Legendary powers are just one part of an item’s power, and they won’t invalidate all other Affixes due to how powerful they are. For example, two to three normal Affixes are currently equivalent in power to a Legendary power on most items.
      Keyed Dungeons
      A big question that’s come up is exactly how Keyed Dungeons are different from Rifts. Keyed Dungeons introduce greater challenges as their tiers increase through Dungeon Affixes. The majority of dungeons are real places in the world, and players will know some information about them including what types of monsters, events, and layouts to expect. With this information, as well as the specific Dungeon Affixes being displayed on the key, players will be able to strategize their approach before going into the dungeon. We believe this is the biggest change from Diablo III Rifts: the added planning and strategizing that takes place before you decide to run a Keyed Dungeon.
      Please continue to share your thoughts—we want you to be involved in the Diablo IV design process. I personally believe in making the best decisions for the game based on the strongest design ideas, no matter where they come from. My biggest hope is for us to be able to constructively discuss and iterate on the topics that are most important to the community—so keep the feedback coming!
      See you in Hell,
      David Kim
      Lead Systems Designer
      The Diablo IV Team

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      Lead Systems Designer David Kim goes into detail on the most talked about features of D4.
    • By Starym
      We have some more Diablo 4 news, as Game Director Luis Barriga has composed a letter to the community talking about the game's reveal and the process going forward. The big takeaway is that we'll be getting another look at the game and its progress in February, as part of the quarterly updates starting next year, and we'll also get some clarification on the somewhat controversial item and affix system (primarily the attack and defence stats) in the next few from lead systems designer David Kim. He also re-emphasized the importance of feedback and that they're looking through all of it both on the official forums and external sites, so keep on discussing the game!
      Game Director (source)
      Dear Diablo family,
      Thank you all for a great BlizzCon. We unveiled Diablo IV with our announce cinematic, establishing the tone for our overall creative vision moving forward. We hope you all dug that.
      We also showed you our gameplay trailer, showcasing our classes, monsters, and open world, and invited you to take the first step in this journey toward Diablo IV together. We can tell from all the questions and excitement we’ve seen online and in-person that you are eager to find out more.
      The lines to our demo stations and Dark Gallery were packed all weekend long and we were floored by the overall reception—especially from long-time Diablo players. We were blown away by how often we met people who came back to play the demo again and again. The stories you shared with us about Diablo and what this series means to you moved us and inspire us to do our best.
      We’ve been taking this week to assess and discuss our takeaways from BlizzCon, and we love all the deep discussions happening around the art, features, systems, and world of Diablo IV. We’re also excited about a cool update we’re planning for you in February of next year. It will be the first in a series of quarterly updates where we’ll share behind-the-scenes looks at our progress going forward.
      We also know that one topic is burning hotter than the rest. We want you to know that we are having the same conversations about items and stats that you are having—whether on the official discussion threads or external sites, we read it all! Getting this right is at the top of our minds, and in the coming weeks our lead systems designer David Kim will provide a few clarifications, share some of his thoughts, and address some of your open questions. We hope you check it out and let us know what you think.
      Once again, on behalf of the entire team, from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you all for a fantastic and unforgettable BlizzCon 2019.
      Hail Lilith and see you in Hell!
      Luis Barriga,
      Game Director, Diablo IV

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      New Gameplay Videos Without Commentary
      Diablo 4 Will Feature Cosmetic Microtransactions
      Cross-Play Is a Goal for Diablo 4, Blizzard "Very Excited" About It
      Everything We Know About Diablo 4 So Far
      Visible Open World Players, Skill Cap at 15 and More from Venture Beat Diablo 4 Interview
      All the Item Affixes from the Diablo 4 BlizzCon Demo
      Diablo 4 Built for Much Faster Expansions + More Info From Game Informer Interview
      All Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid Skills and Talents
      All 4 Day 1 Major Stream VoDs
    • By Starym
      Some 4 months ago there was a leak over on reddit detailing a lot of the announced features for Diablo 4, and we thought we'd take a look at what exactly the leak got right and not, so we can decide if the part about the other two classes being Amazon and Paladin, as well as the planned beta and release dates are correct.
      First off, it was u/Gorelight that came out with the information, as he was apparently one of the first to see the game behind closed doors and that's about all we got in terms of credentials. As far as his info goes, a lot of it was confirmed on November 1st at BlizzCon and some of it turned out wrong but still plausible. The first big piece of info that we're interested in even after the announcements is the fact that the remaining two classes will be the Amazon and Paladin, meaning it's a full Diablo 2 roster minus the Assasin and Necromancer. The other big info remaining from the leak is the timing of the beta and game release, placing the beta in 2020 and the release in 2020-2021, but since that's very susceptible to change, the time frame mentioned is less relevant.
      While obviously none of this is definitive or confirmed, we're going to go through his leaks individually and see just how correct they were. Let's start by separating the bullet points from the original post/leak into groups (and obviously there's discussion to be had where which one should be placed, this is just our thoughts on it).
      Official Title - Diablo IV (No sub title)
      Camera View and Genre - Isometric MMOARPG
      No Load Times (except loading in the game for the first time or logging in and out)
      Made for consoles in mind from the get go
      Blizzard will be treating Diablo IV as a reboot of the franchise. Those who wanted a Diablo II Remake and a brand new Diablo game will be pleased. Basically, it's a combination of both made for the modern era. Best way to think of this is the latest God of War that was released in April for the PlayStation 4 in 2018.
      The demo we've seen lasted about 20 to 30 minutes. I am not sure if this is the same demo they will be using for Blizzcon later this year or if they have a new one in the works specifically created for the fans and press too see.
      The demo showcased core elements of Diablo IV such as the Loot, Barbarian Class (a bit of Druid as well), Combat and the most interesting (in my opinion) how it all comes together as an isometric MMO and blends in with a brand new eco-system and creates a next-generation Diablo experience
      The world of Sanctuary is MUCH MUCH MUCH larger than before due to the game going the MMO route. The space is necessary to accommodate the players.
      The class that was showcased in great detail to the employees was a Barbarian- signature moves such as whirlwind return and many other favorite skills. Druid was also part of the demo, but for extremely short time and only used as an example for their new combo combat system.
      The demo showed how a druid player can use the combo system. In the clip the player was able to morph into different animal forms (including wolf and bear) during mid-combat flawlessly without any weird transitions or awkward attack animations using different sets of moves and skills from each of the forms in a matter of seconds. It looked very impressive.
      Crafting will return in Diablo IV and will be a very important system and part of the entire game and its economy. If you enjoy crafting in MMOs or in games in general then you are in for a treat according to Blizzard.
      Technically correct but very generic and easily guessable
      New sophisticated Engine with a ton of improvements over Diablo III and new functionalities for new gameplay systems and visual design Art Style is VERY dark, gory/bloody and gritty - think Diablo II days mixed with Dark Souls and Bloodborne but much more modernized obviously. The new engine is able to create atmospheric visuals and dark tones that immerse the players. Picture the world of Sanctuary as if it was in the Dark Souls or Bloodborne universe. Super dark and gothic. Music is going to harken back to Diablo I and Diablo II. It will feel very very familiar to the old-school Diablo fans but also have it's own unique twist to it and sound that is catered specifically to Diablo IV
        Not confirmed but probable
      Blizzard are happy with the many systems and improvements they've made over the course of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls such as the Kunai Cube, Wardrobe loadouts, Seasonal Journeys, Rifts/G-Rifts and so on. Diablo II Remake/Remaster was planned, but they later realized that it would be much better to give the franchise a complete reset and put majority of the fans requests into 1 giant package. You can trade items in the game with other players such as gold, basic crafting materials (special crafting materials are soulbound and cannot be sold) and any kind of loot ranging from grey quality and all the way up to rare yellows. Blizzard is not sure yet what to do with Legendary items/weapons yet and if they should be tradeable or not as far as the game's economy goes due to competitive fairness and end-game systems that have a lot of functionalities with the legendary loot. Vague and pretty obvious
      Blizzard learned a lot from their Diablo III and Reaper of Souls mistakes/lessons and used the feedback to create and design new and improved systems for Diablo IV Blizzard is well aware of games such as Path of Exile, Grim Dawn and Wolcen and their current skill systems. As a matter of fact, they have a whole special team dedicated to playing those games extensively for research and game development purposes. Blizzard are creating something new unique of their own for Diablo IV as far as character progression goes and yes stat allocations are back as well.
        Wasn't at BlizzCon but possible
      Tristram will be one of the Hub cities in the game. (This was one the one we saw in the demo) Blizzard has stated there are more hub-cities, but did not show or told us what they are. A server will hold around 100 or so people at a time as of now.
        Incorrect but very possible it was changed before the BlizzCon demo/wasn't ready to be shown
      Combat system will have combos. You will be able to use a combination of skills in succession to do more damage or create larger area of effect attacks. As a Barbarian you can chain pull into an enemy and then jump over them and then you have a choice of either throwing them into another demon or grabbing them and then pummeling them into the ground with your bare hands or simply stunning the target and then use an execution move to chop their head off. You can ONLY do execution moves when the enemy is near death. The combo system was created to evolve combat for the Diablo franchise. Blizzard wanted to make sure that if they're going dark and gritty, the combat had to be dark and gritty as well. No word on PvP yet or anything of that sort. However, Blizzard did say that since they're going the MMO route, the PvP factor is kind of important to a lot of players. Although, right now they're strongly focusing on creating a fantastic PvE Diablo experience. They do not want to promise anything in regards to PvP ever since with what happened to PvP in Diablo III only to later disappoint the fans. PvP is something that will be looked at in the future once the game is in a stable place and the playerbase is happy. Diablo IV will be the new era for Diablo and will be a game as a service. New free content patches will come out that will add quality of life changes, new additions, items and so on. Paid expansions are also possible, but right now its still undecided and Blizzard won't know until the game is launched and until they see if its successful or not. They do not want to announce anything that's regarding to paid content until they are 100% sure of their plans and what they will be adding next post-launch.
        And finally, the big ones which we're all very interested in but have no idea if they're real or not:
      Paladin, Barbarian, Sorcerer, Amazon and Druid are planned for launch with more coming later. Blizzard wants people to feel like this is Diablo II all over again but in a completely new era of the franchise. Blizzard were also debating whether to include the Druid or Necromancer class at launch of Diablo IV. Blizzard decided put the Druid for launch of Diablo IV and Necromancer for later, since the Necromancer was released already for Diablo III. Right now the goal is to get the game ready playable demo for Blizzcon's 2019 and of course all the marketing material as well. After that, it will be preparing for the beta in 2020 and then the release. Release is being debated between late 2020 or early 2021 depending on how things go, but as of now it seems early 2021 is more likely. Will be coming to PC PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett.  
      And that's the complete overview of the leaks from 4 months ago. It's up to you to decide how much weight you want to put on them based on what was proven to be correct and not, but it seems the leaker may indeed have been legit. The various things he got wrong can be attributed to changes between then and BlizzCon or systems Blizzard weren't ready to announce this early, the only major discrepancy being the beta and release timings. Those are very flimsy, as the devs' "not even Blizzard soon" comments seem to indicate it taking significantly longer than 1-2 years for release (hell, that's even faster than Blizzard soon). On the other hand, they could have been managing expectations and the leaked dates are still their target, but we won't know more about that for a while still. As for the Amazon and Paladin, they seem a little on the nose, to go with the entire D4 roster ported over from D2, but again, the leaks seem solid and it might be something Blizzard decide to go for.
      So what do you think? Is the leak credible considering all the info we now know? Could we really see Diablo 4 in as little as a year, with an Amazon and Paladin class in tow?

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    • By Starym
      Game Informer's next issue is all about Blizzard and they had a visit at the Blizz offices and got another look at the demo we all saw at BlizzCon, with three of their writers getting to play. Luckily for us they made videos from their visit, one for each class, and although we've seen plenty of footage from the demo already, these are "clean", with only the gameplay sounds and no commentary.
      Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for more interviews and info!
      Unfortunately, however, the videos are only hosted on Game Informer's site and aren't embeddable, so you'll have to go to their individual pages for the non-commentary versions. They're worth checking out for a better idea of the atmosphere and audio design for the skills monsters etc. It's the second, smaller, video in each article:
      Barbarian Druid Sorceress For me this more focused footage without all the streamer distractions really helped to get a better idea of the tone, atmosphere and especially the skill and monster audio in the game, and I have to say it's pretty impressive stuff considering how early in development the game is.
      You can also check out the versions with the commentary below:

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      Diablo 4 Will Feature Cosmetic Microtransactions
      Cross-Play Is a Goal for Diablo 4, Blizzard "Very Excited" About It
      Everything We Know About Diablo 4 So Far
      Visible Open World Players, Skill Cap at 15 and More from Venture Beat Diablo 4 Interview
      All the Item Affixes from the Diablo 4 BlizzCon Demo
      Diablo 4 Built for Much Faster Expansions + More Info From Game Informer Interview
      All Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid Skills and Talents
      All 4 Day 1 Major Stream VoDs
    • By Starym
      While Blizzard have been somewhat cagey about this topic in various interviews, it did slip out that they are in fact planning on having microtransactions in the game. We have separate information from a few sources, beginning with Quin69's original interview with lead designer Joe Shely:
      Now, we didn't really need this confirmation to know there will be MTXes in the game, as the horse customization system shown off at the Diablo 4: Unveiled panel was a pretty definitive sign, and a game like Diablo is a pretty solid fit for cosmetics.
      Shely also reiterated what we heard in several different interviews and panels as well, where it was very definitively stated that you will not be able to buy power in the game. With the auction house also being confirmed as not returning, and the most powerful items in the game being non-tradeable, it seems we really will have to get the very top gear ourselves. He continued to clarify that they don't know what form these cosmetic MTXes will take, although again, considering the horse armor and customization, we'd say they have at least some idea.

      A lot of people are very opposed to any form of MTX in a Diablo game, but as always it all comes down to execution. Will the purchasable cosmetics be the best looking gear in the game? Will they overshadow the endgame and most powerful gear you have to work hard to get? Or will it just be different options and perhaps weird concepts that don't fit with actual gear in the game. We can safely eliminate the Asian MMO route where a fantasy RPG suddenly gets modern day cop outfits and other completely immersion-breaking cosmetics, at least.
      Another way that's really worked well in the past is the Destiny model... or, well, the OLD Destiny model - where you could get a lot/a majority of the cosmetics just by playing the game enough, with 2 separate currencies for buying cosmetics - one for real money and one you can earn in-game. The point being that while everyone (rightly) recoils at the mere mention of microtransactions, they can actually be beneficial to a game if done correctly - Diablo 3 would have been updated and improved much more if it had a steady revenue stream coming in, perhaps even getting a second expansion, and would it really have been that horrible if players were able to just buy the seasonal wings, portraits etc from the conquests?

      As for Diablo 4, aside from the clearly already planned horse cosmetics, there are plenty of avenues they could go with the MTXes, avoiding the inevitable trouble that would come from selling really cool looking armor set visuals. There are plenty of things they could add that wouldn't really impact the game at all, like additional head customization like scars, tattoos etc, banner additions (if they return), portrait frames, UI customization, and a lot more. Now sure, the more cynical among us might think that one of the big reasons Blizzard went the shared world route this time around is to make cosmetics more valuable, as you'll be showing off to random people all the time as you pass them by in the world, but even if that were the case as long as they don't go overboard with what they sell, it should be fine.
      In any case, there is a way to do MTXes well, and considering how much attention Blizzard are paying to the community's wishes, Diablo 4 may get out of the MTX quagmire relatively intact, or perhaps even be better for it.

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