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Legendary Items Will Become Transmogable Soon

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Game Director Ion Hazzikostas today confirmed that we'll be able to transmog Legendary items in the near future and while we currently have no ETA for when this will be possible, it's interesting to see the team's shift in the philosophy when it comes to Legendary items.

In the past, Legendary items were perceived as something unique and not available for transmog. Game Director Ion Hazzikosas confirmed this restriction will be loosened soon and you can find more details in our Q&A recap.

Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for more details!

Here's a list of Legendary weapons currently obtainable in the game that you'll be able to transmog:

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woah... I guess those BFA numbers must be really bad if they're breaking the glass on that chestnut. What's next playable High Elves? Because then we know that Satan is ice-skating.

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''Immersion be dammed , we need those legendaries as transmogable''. Then again after seeing the 110th paladin run past me with Ashbringer and screaming '' For the light '' in Legion has made me numb to a lot of things .

I mean i understand the demand is there but keeping to what you said before that they will not be transmogable is also a thing and i mean it was reasonable and made sense. This just seems unhealthy for the games feeling or story, but i suppose you can also look at it from a RP view with all the possible options opening up.



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Will the tmog be able to keep the original's side powers? I.e Terecgosa (staff from FL), will we be able to turn into a dragon if we tmog? Would be awesome, same for the flamescythe and fire kitty (I'm yet to get the toy...)

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32 minutes ago, Soress said:

No Atiesh? =(

Atiesh is unobtainable. If you have it, you'll be able to mog it, though.

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19 hours ago, darbotar said:

So what about the achievement for the Warglaive transmog? Will that become obsolete?

Usually stuff that becomes irrelevant doesn't get removed but does get moved into "feats of strength" or a legacy category of relevancy.

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      For players, this has probably been the hottest topic of discussion since our announcement, and we welcome all the continuing feedback on how to improve the tool and make it better. I know this will be disappointing news for some, but we want to settle this topic before launch so everyone knows what to expect and can plan accordingly.
      We remain hopeful that our recent anti-boosting changes, especially on Fresh Start realms, will invigorate the lower-level dungeons around launch. We also expect the LFG tool to help facilitate long-term friendship formation for players who are looking for it.
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      Originally, Wrath of the Lich King dropped achievements and titles from the 2v2 Arena bracket, but due to popular demand, we’re going to preserve them in Wrath Classic. When we originally stopped awarding titles and achievements for 2v2s, it was because 2v2 was difficult to balance. Nowadays, rather than try to make all classes equally capable in all brackets, we want to preserve the existing class balance and celebrate the unique play style for the classes that perform well in each bracket.
      We’ll always continue to listen to feedback on these and all topics. I hope this answers many lingering questions about what the state of things will be when we release.
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      Old Karazhan gear from Legion can be converted to Sepulcher mogs on live servers using the Creation Catalyst.
      Reddit user VeryLosh discovered that it's possible to convert old Karazhan gear (item level 50) into Sepulcher transmogs via the Creation Catalyst. I believe it will also work with old Grimrail Depot gear.
      The player used Wrap of the Fixed Stars (item level 50 back) and converted it using 600 Cosmic Flux into Cloak of Sweltering Flame. The item level was still 50 after the conversion and this method is only useful if you have old Karazhan gear from Legion in your bank. You can watch the whole conversion process below.

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