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New Info on Sets, Trading, Crafting, PvP from Collective Dev Interview

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Lead Game Designer Joe Shely and Senior Producer Tiffany Wat recently spoke to youtubers, streamers and a lot of other game press people in a collective interview and went over a lot of their burning questions, including one from our own Deadset!

Check out our BlizzCon 2019 Content Hub for more details!

A lot of it was already mentioned in the panels and previous interviews but there were a few new snippets of info we'll cover here.

Sets and their role in the game vs. legendaries

  • Sets are meant to be kind of an introductory step in gearing.
  • They will play deeply into the basic class fantasy and be a spring board for players to learn their class and how it's meant to be played most simply.
  • As they play with the sets players are meant to slowly grow out of them and start replacing pieces with legendaries and customize and create their own unique playstyle.
  • This suggests sets will be very easily found either at max level or even sooner, certainly more easily than a full legendary setup for the same slots.
    • Perhaps we will even be given a set directly as we reach the max level/complete the campaign or some similar milestone.


  • Item drops will be individual/personal loot style, when a monster drops an item only you will see it.
  • If you drop an item on the ground only those in your party will see it.


  • The philosophy is that while you're out doing whatever objective you are doing you might get distracted by a crafting opportunity and go do that instead.
    • Seems to indicate that we won't just be getting crafting mats along the way as drops from monsters, but will have to actually go do specific activities in order to get them.


  • Was thought of since the start.
  • All classes were built with PvP in mind.


  • If you play enough, you will be able to max out all skills, through the skill tomes, which is why they aren't respecable.
    • It seems your specific skill build won't be as relevant, as you'll have plenty of points from tomes and level ups. Perhaps the later upgrades which might take more time to acquire for all skills aren't that majorly impactful.

Shared world

  • World boss areas will always be shared and as soon as you enter them you'll se anyone else that's there, up to a limit.
  • The limit will be specific to the activity, so for a world boss there will be many players, but for a quest zone or event in the overworld the player limit might be smaller, depending on the activity specifics.
    • This might even apply to individual world bosses, aka the one we saw in the demo, Asava, might get up to 20 players involved, while a later boss that isn't as huge or as difficult might only allow 10 etc.
  • For parties, the world will adjust to the level of the party leader.
    • So you can help out a lower level friend finish up some harder content for them.
    • It does mean, however, that the higher level player won't really be challenged if they're significantly over the lower players level.
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" be a spring board for players to learn their class and how it's meant to be played most simply. "


This should never be a statement from any developer. By saying that it takes away from any individule build ideas as they is "a way it is supposed to be played"  Would you also like to tell us how we are supposed to play the game?

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