Serenity & JS' Hunter Bar News!

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You can read news of the state of Serenity here and Mists of Pandera in the future!

mods: sorry for the off-site link, but I need to centralize this for development.

Also the first new addon is done, awaiting approval:

Thanks all,

TheJS (someone took my name after I was hacked :-( )

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Hello JS!

I am the one who wrote and maintains the Hunter guides, and I referenced your add-on there because I always found it extremely good (practically mandatory) when playing. I had initially linked JS' Hunter Bar, before someone pointed out that it had been discontinued and turned into Serenity.

I'm really happy to see you rebooting the add-on. It's truly a godsend. There's no problem at all with linking to an external site (in this situation ;).

Good luck working on it, and keep us updated if possible!

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Thanks, Vlad!

I happen to be off work for a while and have nothing but free time, so I'm coding away.

The new misdirection module is on curse already, as it will be separate from JSHB.

I'll post back with beta info when ready, and thanks again!

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