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I've always played arms on my warrior and I've never been that guy that pushes crazy numbers but now i find myself at 562 ilvl and i can only hold 200-205k on a raiding dummy. Whats worse is that in our 25 man raid there are times on certain fights where im pushing a pathetic 160k.


You can view my gear here - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Ichigo/simple


I know im messing up somewhere and i know you guys cant really help without a logs link *ill post one after raid tonight*. But i was hoping maybe there are some common issues you guys are aware of people making.


I just recently aquired Thok's Tail Tip and saw a nice dps increase when i replace Skeer's Bloodsoaked Talisman with it.


I just really need to bring my dps up so my group can FINALLY get garrosh down.


**Edit** I'm loathe to go fury but i will once i get a decent OH , currently all i have is the 540 version of the polearm from Thok.

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Your gear looks fine. If you say your DPS actually drops lower in a raid than when on a training dummy, then there's a good chance that you're just not focused as much on your rotation during a raid.


Also, with your current gear you would do good enough as Fury. When I started playing TG this tier I had a 553 weapon and a 535, which is worse than what you currently have.


As far as tips go that I can see from the logs, make sure you use MS on cooldown.You could have used it at least 50 times on Iron Juggernaut, not even counting the cd reduction that comes from OP, and yet you only used it 35 times. You also have to make sure you use your sudden death procs on CS. You had 28 procs on that IJ kill, yet cast only 21 CS. Finally, you shouldn't use Stormbolt as Arms, and I see no use of your T60 talent.


Hope this helps, 



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