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How to upload your own logs to Warcraft Logs

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If you want information on how to interpret or use the log websites please visit Zagams comprehensive guides
Warcraft Logs Comprehensive guide by Zagam
First, I will explain how to capture your log data to begin with.
The most basic and easy way is to use the command (or even macro it)


This command will toggle combat logging. You can use this command before you enter a raid and it should log for the whole night. DISCLAIMER: I personally don't use this method, but its my understanding that it will keep logging for the whole time you are still in game. Each time you log out I think it turns it off and you need to turn it back on.
My preferred method is with the use of an add-on. Specifically Loggerhead. This addon will display a pop-up box when you first enter an instance asking you if you would like to log that specific instance. After that it will remember your choice and continue to log or not log when you enter that instance.
The basic Icon looks like this on your mini-map: FmMR1s2.png
While this icon signifies that combat logging is enabled: tGXrh9u.png
You can type the /combatlog command at anytime and it will do the same as clicking the Loggerhead Icon.
Next you may want to consider enabling "Advanced Combat Logging"

Advanced logging will use more memory and space, but its a really useful feature in Warcraft logs specifically where you can actually "replay" your encounter to see peoples positioning. This feature is RECOMMENDED because of the usefulness to Warcraft logs.
WarcraftLogs REQUIRES advance combat logging to rank. Do yourself a favor and turn it on. (note: Ask Mr Robot addon will turn this on for you if you set it to log)
Ask Mr. Robot and DBM also have options for automactic logging. Loggerhead is just my preferred method (Any method will work, as long as combatlog is enabled during the fight you want to log)

Warcraft logs has recently updated their website to allow for Battle.net linkage to be able to see your character and guild logs more easily.

You'll first need to sign up for a Warcraft logs account. On the front page of the Warcraft Logs website you'll see a 'sign up' button. Click it to begin.

Simply sign up for an account and verify your e-mail.
After you login you'll notice that there is a new message on the front page
I would HIGHLY recommend you integrate with Battle.net which will allow you to see any guild logs that your characters are in as well as personal logs for your account at a much easier glance.  Of course, this is completely optional, although highly recommended.
After you integrate with Battle.net most of your characters and guilds they belong to will appear. Here is an example of mine.

Now that you can log-in you need to download the 'client' this is a program that you install on to your computer which will interpret and upload the logs for you.  To download the client simply click on 'Install Client' at the top left section of the website
The next screen will prompt you top first 'Install Adobe AIR' which is another program that the Warcraft Logs uploader uses to work (think of Java or Silverlight). Simply download and install this program.
After Adobe AIR is installed, you want to download the 'Warcraft Logs Uploader' which is the program that will interact with your log file.  Simply open the file and install. This will unpackage the program for you and you can easily open it after the installation. The uploader will also automatically notify you if it requires an update each time you open it, so no need to worry about checking every so often on the website.
Once you have the uploader installed you will be prompted to log-in
After signing into the uploader you will have 3 options.


  • Upload a Log means you want to upload a file that includes all your combat text that you have recorded (via an addon or using the slash command) - This option you have to manually find the log file which is located in your World of Warcraft Folder.  It will then ask you which guild you want to upload to (if you don't have access to a guild to upload to then you will just upload to 'personal') It will then also ask you if you want to upload specific fights. 
  • Live log means you want the program to automatically start uploading while you raid. This option will automatically read your combat log file as you raid and upload it. This is by far the easiest and quickest method for uploading.
  • Split a Log means it will split the file when it gets too big based on the dates to allow you to easily pick a specific date / time range to upload.

And thats everything you need! If you want to get started logging right away, make sure you have an addon to turn on combat log for you and then use the 'Live log' feature.

For analyzing your logs, you can look at Zagam's guide to Warcraft Logs here: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4392-warcraftlogs-a-comprehensive-guide/

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Old Guide, only here for preservation of old information. Use the original post as the guide. -Krazyito 

You'll need to sign up and activate your account. The email for this might fall into the junk folder, but it should send instantly. Once you've done that, you'll be given your own personal logging guild instantly. If you want to make a Guild for your raid team, then you can go to Create Guild and name it after your guild.
Now that you have the place you want to log to, you'll want to click Download the Client in the top right corner. As it says, you need Adobe AIR, and then to download their file after AIR has been installed.
Once you run the client, sign in and fill in the data. Select where you're logging, put in the information that it wants etc etc. Then when you get to the bottom two, skip the first one and click browse for "Start a Live Logging Session". Once you've done that, you can find your WoWCombatLog file in the WorldofWarcraft\Logs\ folder. Click start and you should be logging away!
When you want to log a raid of any difficulty, you can now just type /combatlog (or use the addon mentioned above), open up the client, and click Start beside the Start a Live Logging Session. As I said before, when you're done logging just type it again or log out and it will stop. If you DC, or want to start up again you have to type the /combatlog. I recommend leaving it on for a whole raid instead of turning it off between fights. You'll also want to delete your log file in the WoW\Logs\ Directory so that the file doesn't get too large. If it does, you won't be able to open it anymore.
For analyzing your logs, you can look at Zagam's guide to World of Logs here: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4392-warcraftlogs-a-comprehensive-guide/

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Thanks for the tip on the add-on. Manually logging combat has bitten me twice in this reset. Connection dropped randomly before Norushen H pull and I realized that combat logging was disabled after relogging only before Galakras pull. Also forgot to turn on logging for Garrosh kill until the first set of adds were down. :|

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Yea, I'm going to have to tell my guildie about it since he never remembers to log/DCs and loses it!

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Updated the original post with the new Warcraft logs update to the UI that also includes Battle.net Integration.

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