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World's Fastest Molten Core Clear in Phase 1 by Salad Bakers

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Molten Core speed runs ahead of Phase 2 seem to be really popular these days and Salad Bakers from Gehennas-EU managed to clear the raid in 28 mins and 29 secs, which is currently the world's fastest reported clear of the 40-player raid.

Salad Bakers Speed Run VOD

More details about the run are available on Warcraft Logs.

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Really solid run by them, once again our server proves to be where the big action is happening 🙂 congratulations to them!

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Good lord..28 minutes?  Wow.  Everybody knowing mechanics and having a better understanding, in general, seems to have made Classic a little less classic..so to speak.

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For sure, wipes are very rare nowadays and even our alt runs kill bosses under 1 minute, with Rag and Ony clocking in at around 2 minutes, its basically trivial with modern knowledge / when following guides such as ours 🙂 

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