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WoW Classic Hotfixes: November 12th

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Players were abusing line-of-sight rules in Gadgetzan, so Blizzard gave the guards in Gadgetzan, Booty Bay, and Everlook longer range on their ranged attacks in today's hotfixes, even though the new range differs slightly from their reference WoW 1.12 client.

Blizzard also said they will be taking action against players who exploit the line-of-sight rules, so we might see suspensions going out later today.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)

November 12, 2019


  • Resolved an issue that caused Survival Hunters’ Mending Bandage (PvP Talent) to heal more than intended on non-player targets.

WoW's 15th Anniversary

  • Korrak’s Revenge
    • The amount of Timewarped Badges rewarded for winning or losing Korrak's Revenge have been doubled from 10 and 5 to 20 and 10. 
    • The repeatable quests “Irondeep Supplies,” “Coldtooth Supplies,” and “More Armor Scraps” no longer reward Timewarped badges.
    • Many quests in Korrak's Revenge now are daily quests and reset daily. They are as follows: “Irondeep Supplies,” “Coldtooth Supplies,” “Towers and Bunkers,” “Capture a Mine,” “The Graveyards of Alterac,” “Armor Scraps,” “Capture a Mine,” and “Alterac Valley Graveyards.”
      • Developers’ note: While acquiring supplies from the mines and mounts for the ram and wolf riders contributes to the battle, we agree with the feedback that these can be a bit repetitive. To that end, we have converted a number of quests within the Battleground into dailies and removed the reward for the repeatable turn-ins.
  • The guards in Gadgetzan, Booty Bay, and Everlook now have a significantly longer range on their ranged attacks.
    • Developers’ note: We’re seeing some players attack others by abusing line-of-sight rules in Gadgetzan. This disruption is against our Terms of Service (as it was in 2006) and we’re taking action against players who exploit this game mechanic. While this new range differs slightly from original WoW 1.12, it better enforces the authentically intended consequence of PvPing in a goblin city by challenging the attacker to fight, die, or escape the guards.
  • The Discombobulator Ray Discombobulator Ray will now correctly dismount mounted enemy players.
  • Abilities that provide a damage increase to the next auto attack (e.g. Heroic Strike Heroic Strike and Raptor Strike) will now properly break crowd control effects if the ability was queued before the crowd control was applied.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented pets from attacking a target who entered stealth after the Attack command is used.
  • Corrected an issue with the Gnomish Cloaking Device that caused it to incorrectly drop the player from combat when used.

November 8, 2019

  • Guards will now correctly be more willing to assist players in PvP combat who have Friendly or higher standing with them. However, they will continue to not assist players with Neutral standing.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing Onyxia to fail to clear the threat of the primary target of her Fireball ability.

October 22, 2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused creatures such as Solenor the Slayer to misbehave when pursuing the player. Groups of creatures that commit to combat as a group will now all continue to pursue whenever any one of them are struck by a player attack or ability.

October 16, 2019

  • The buffs obtained from the guards in Dire Maul North after completing a tribute run will no longer stack.

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    • By Stan
      After the release of Patch 1.13.3, players thought that Paladin's Reckoning was broken, but Blizzard clarified that losing Reckoning stacks when mounting up or initiating auto-attack against a target and canceling it before it goes off is perfectly normal.
      On top of that, they've discovered a bug where Paladins lose stacks of Reckoning if they're not facing their target or are out of range to attack the target when the Reckoning stacks are gained. This behavior is inconsistent with the 1.12 reference client and will be fixed next week during the scheduled realm restarts.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Hi All,
      I wanted to take a moment to provide some clarification around what changed in 1.13.3 with Reckoning. There were several systemic issues with extra attack procs behaving incorrectly, which we fixed in the patch. A secondary effect of these fixes were two notable changes to Reckoning:
      Reckoning stacks are lost when you mount up. Reckoning stacks are lost when you initiate an auto-attack against a target and cancel it before it goes off. However, both of these behaviors were correct behaviors in the 1.12 reference client and as such are considered bug fixes. Both of these issues have been added to the “Not A Bug” list.
      Additionally, when investigating the reports around this, we did discover another bug where Paladins will lose stacks of Reckoning if they are not facing their target or are out of range to attack the target when the Reckoning stacks are gained. This is not consistent with Reference client behavior, we have a fix for this now, and it should be fully live the next time we have realm restarts.
      Lastly, while we appreciate the reports in this thread, there were many comments and replies that do not apply directly to this issue, or were unhelpful, and we’d like to remind everyone of the bug report forum guidelines 1. We will monitor and remove unhelpful or off-topic replies in threads like this. Keeping these threads on-topic and strictly comprising information that helps us find and reproduce bugs will help ensure that we can get these issues identified and fixed faster.
      Thank you!
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      You can only carry 20 pieces of Alterac Valley Marks of Honor or Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor in WoW Classic at a time. The rest is sent to you via mail and the expiration time is currently set to 30 days as opposed to 24 hours.
      A new bug related to Marks of Honor has emerged in WoW Classic. Currently, the Marks have a 30-day expiration time instead of the intended 24 hours.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Bug: Marks of Honor in the Mailbox are lasting for 30 days instead of 24 hours.
      Steps to recreate:
      Collect 20 Warsong/Alterac Marks of honor Win or lose the BG of which you have 20 marks Check mailbox The marks will be deleted after 30 days 24 hours is the intended amount:
      44 By [bangy][on 2006/12/05](Patch 2.0.1)
      “A mark is obtained by playing a game of Warsong Gulch until the end - you do have not to have started when the battle started, but you must be at the end.
      If the battle is won, 3 marks are obtained, but only 1 is received if it is lost. Marks are automatically put into your inventory, but if there is no space, it is sent to your mailbox. However, note that it will disappear in 24 hours, so clear some space and get it back fast!”
      Patch 1.11.2:
      “once you have 20 of these(inventory and bank combined), you can’t carry any more. when you complete a wsg, if the token reward would give more then 20, they go to your mailbox instead. they are on a short timer (only 24 hours) in your mailbox before they disappear. you can’t get them out of your mailbox until you turn in some of the ones you already have.”
      From ThottbotBy tobiason [on 2006/12/16] (Patch 2.0.1)
      "Subject: “Marks Of Honor"I have 100 AB marks now. When I continue to participate in raids, afterwards (when we win), I receive no marks, but I get a mail from the battlemaster. It is a message that says that I cannot carry any more marks, and has 3 marks attached. I can save the mail, but for only 24 hours.”
      Having marks last 30 days can lead to people saving up marks for a month and grief other people ranking.
      We’re working on a hotfix for this issue. After the hotfix is applied and certain servers are restarted, we’re going to try to modify your mail so that anyone who has these will not be able to carry them over into the next week.
      And going forward, new Marks of Honor in the mail will have a 24-hour expiration.
      Thank you for the report!
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    • By Stan
      Blizzard is working on yet another bug related to missing Honor and Honorable Kills from Monday.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Anyone else missing the monday’s honorble kills and honor ?
      This week tab for me displays 1087 and 69k honor which is totally wrong because on monday i did all day 800 kills (around 28k honor) but it seems this numbers are missing. it only counted yesterday activity.
      That’s exactly right.
      We’ve found a process bug that caused a window of time where Honor appeared to go uncounted, and we’re repairing the missing honor. After the repair:
      If you got fewer rank points than you should have, we’ll increase your amount up to where you should be. If you got more than you should have, we’ll won’t change your amount. And of course, we’re working to fix the bug.
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    • By Stan
      Blizzard today clarified that they have fixed a bug in WoW Classic related to the Runeblade of Baron Rivendare weapon which caused the Unholy Aura weapon buff to be utilized to snapshot the current +Healing gear. The Healing per 5 seconds would be  and upon switching to a different set, but maintain the Healing per 5 seconds.
      As a result, the Healing per 5 seconds was maintained upon switching to a different set. A demonstration of the bug can be seen in the video linked below.
      Based on the latest blue posts, we learned that this behavior was not intended and they have fixed it with the release of Patch 1.13.3.
      Blizzard (Source)
      Hi All,
      I wanted to take a second and clear up any misconceptions about the nature of this bug fix. The Runeblade of Baron Rivendare neither scaled with +healing nor snapshotted any +healing effects in Original WoW or the 1.12 Reference client. This behavior was a bug that was introduced into WoW Classic. As such, the fix that went into 1.13.3 that removed the +healing benefit and snapshotting restored this item to it’s original 1.12 state.
      As this bug is now resolved we will be closing this thread now. As always, thank you for your reports and analysis!
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      With the new patch and phase having arrived on NA servers today we now also get a list of known issues, as well as some workaround fixes until the issues are resolved.

      You can also check out the full patch notes here, or check out our battleground guides here.
      Known Issues for December 10 (source)
      Greetings and welcome to WoW Classic patch 1.13.3!
      Below is a list of known issues for WoW Classic patch 1.13.3. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and is not a complete depiction of what we’re aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter with some regularity. We hope to have fixes to these issues in place soon, but we cannot promise when or if any individual bug will be fixed.
      Alterac Valley: The Frostwolf Battle Standard and Stormpike Battle Standard are currently using models that do not match Original WoW Warsong Gulch: The particle effects projected from the Alliance Flag are too bright User Interface
      The “Toggle Keyring” option is missing from the Keybinds menu The Oozeling’s Disgusting Aura does not display a debuff in the character’s debuff tray System Settings
      Certain PCs may incorrectly default to integrated graphics adapters Workaround: Open the System Menu via the Escape key and select System -> Advanced -> Graphics Card and select the correct GPU Lastly, please also note that we do not list any issues here that we are aware of that could be considered exploitative, and as per the forums Code of Conduct 1 we would ask you not to post information in this forum about any potential exploits that you have discovered. If you believe you’ve found an exploit, please email hacks@blizzard.com directly with the relevant details.
      Thank you!

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