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Build Suggestion - Holy Shotgun with Valor set

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Looking at the new Valor set bonuses, i was wondering if it is possible to make a Holy Shotgun build out of it. 

My best try:


Questions remain:

-Is the wrath cost of FotH sustainable on an RG fight? If not, would it be more beneficial to gear towards RCR and equip a Obsidian Ring of Zodiac to reduce cooldowns? 

Please comment and criticize if you want. 

PS. Please be aware of the fact that D3 planner does not lists Valor 6set as a multiplier when calculating HF and FotH damage. 

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have you tried gogok instead of stricken?

i was waiting for a new shotgun build because of AoV set. i'm using darklight which makes FoH release twice which translates 5x2 wrath returned and khasset's to make FoH cheap in wrath, then cubed bane of the fell. that made me lose the shield in the cube. i'm going to try your build to see if wrath is sustained enough for aquila uptime.

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