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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to mages..never played one...and I'm having major trouble with dps and reforging, gemming etc...I've been using askmrrobot for gemming/reforging but I'm not sure whether it default stat weights are worth it.


According to simcraft i should be pulling anywhere between 80-95k dps...yet I average max 67k dps in lfr


Heres my Armory:


Yes i know i still got a lot of work to do gear wise (getting rid of the 450's)

but i would like to know the most optimal rotation for frost and fire...still deciding which to use.

and when to use alter has to be the most confusing part of mage rotation for me.


And what glyphs do i use


Thanks in advance


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Hey there - don't use simcraft it's wrong.


That said at 489 I was doing around 90k DPS, so you're right-- you could do more.


You have major issues to address, so don't worry about the more detailed stuff just yet:

  • Use Glyph of Splitting Ice & Glyph of Icy Veins. Don't use Glyph of Frostfire bolt, and don't cast it unless Brain Freeze procs.
  • Enchant your 4 missing items: Jade Spirit to weapon, int to bracers, inscription to shoulder, stats to chest.
  • Gem your helm (Burning for meta).
  • Get a belt buckle and put a gem in it.
  • Use Invocation, not Rune of Power. Or if you are still getting used to things and feel flustered, use Incanter's Ward passively but DO NOT EVER PRESS IT. Then switch back to Invocation once you're more comfortable playing frost.

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