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Community Compilation for Key Aspects of Diablo 4 with Ideas and Fixes

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I have recently written up a compilation of ideas and fixes for a lot of topics we have been discussing recently. As follows is the introduction:

What I hope to achieve by this is not a set of my opinions, but an interactive discussion board regarding some of the most important features of this game. Diablo 4 seems to have a great foundation to build a game on and we as a community are all here as we hope to make it amazing and a long running game into the future. We cannot overact about it being amazing or bad as not a lot has been set in stone. There are 2 things to look at, one is their focus and goals and the other is what they actually follow through with. We all know what was showcased for d3 and how it was on release. I am one of those people that will wait because I’d rather a polished game like what d3 was after RoS than what it was on release. This is not only for myself, but also the player base because the more active the game is the better it will be to experience. Many people are talking about PoE and comparing it to d3 and the future d4 but what I hope people write about in every comment is showing the devs we will wait, as I want the devs to feel like they can give us what they envisioned not just what they have finished by such and such date.

What I hope is the devs remember the core of diablo as it is a game that is easy to play, but hard to master. It is a game that once had itemization at the core, where items were truly treasures. And it was a game that took weeks of grinding to even think about reaching 99.

What we can do is build together a combination of thoughts and recommendations for the devs to look over and respond on. I will be very active in the coming days and will be reading over all comments and be making edits and additions based on comments. I know there is a lot to look over here, but if you like something or not please give suggestions as this is for us and if you’re reading this then most likely you’re a fan of diablo and it concerns you. Also please up vote if there is something you like as this does nothing if not seen.

the link to the post and further information can be found at…


…as it did not work posting it on the forums here. Sorry for the inconvenience and as always look forward to comments and discussions.

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