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Quick BM Question re Rabid

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I play SV pretty much 100% of the time, but my weekend guild is currently on H Blackfuse and I'm on Belts.


For belts, I'm switching to BM and was just wondering if generally BM macros Rabid to BW so they are cast at the same time? I noticed the cooldown almost lines up perfectly.


Just wanted to double check since I have it on auto-cast for SV.



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you can, however AoC will bring the cd time of Bestial Wrath to roughly 40.5 seconds (for heroic version) so they wont line up perfectly every time you go Red Hulk. Rabid will be 8 seconds behind on your third BW. So if you wait to pop Rabid with Bestial wrath it will be up for every 4th BW

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