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Display Bug Showing Last Week's Honor

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With the newly added honor system last week, some players were concerned as their honor totals were updating after the reset, but Blizzard have clarified that it's just a display bug and kills and honor were being tracked correctly, with the display itself also getting fixed with realm restarts.

You can also always check out our PvP guides to get some better honor gains and get to those high ranks quicker!

Blizzard LogoHonor Bug (source)


We’ve found the problem here, and a caching issue is causing some players to still see last week’s Honor.

Rest assured that everyone’s kills are counting as expected, and after an additional realm restart in each region, you’ll have the correct rank for this week.

We’re moving to do those realm restarts as soon as we can following the weekly Honor and Raid reset. These restarts are being scheduled for 3:00 a.m. CET Thursday, November 20 in this region.

Thank you for your patience!

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      Here comes another addition to the "not a bug" list, as Blizzard have clarified that the extra elemental damage from weapons like Thunderfury or Warblade of Caer Darrow, while weird, is working as intended, aka like it did in Classic. Check out the detailed description explaining how it's actually logged as physical damage, but still affected by things like elemental protection potions:
      Elemental Damage (source)
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      That being said, it has been noticed by players that when using an elemental barrier such as a nature/frost/fire protection potion or a shield that absorbs a specific element, you will see an “absorbed (X)” message in the combat log. This is also correct and working as expected, and such effects will reduce the damage of attacks by such weapons by the amount of extra elemental damage specified in the weapon tooltip.
      Ultimately the way these weapons function is a very old quirk/bug with how original World of Warcraft was built. While definitely strange and unintuitive, these weapons are behaving exactly as they did in the original game and we have no intention of changing them to behave differently in WoW Classic.
      I hope this helps provide some clarity around this very odd quirk inherent to these types of weapons!
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      Realm Transfers (source)
      With the upcoming Ahn’Qiraj event in WoW Classic, we’ve seen players discussing transferring to a different server to become the Scarab Lord. We’d like to clarify that there is a 90-day period following a character transfer, during which a player is prevented from opening the gates and obtaining the mount.
      If you transfer to another realm, you will still be able to complete the quest within 90 days of the transfer, however, you will not receive the rewards associated with being the first to turn it in. We want to allow players to transfer, but that should be so they can play with their friends, not disrupt another realm’s Scepter race.
      We hope this clears up the concern.
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