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best race fo hunter raiding horde side?

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I would say hunters are easily better at farming over feral druids, since the Sky Golem takes away the druid's flightform edge.


As for best race, BM is would Orc due to the 2% pet damage, and Surv/MM would be troll by an equivalent margin. Whichever spec you play more should determine the race you'll want. The damage difference between the two is pretty small, around 1k dps at a 560+ ilvl. You won't find too much of a different between the two, so play what you want.


You might also find use in picking a race that has a survivability racial, since if it saves your life, it saves a ton of DPS. Basically racials are barely a mark on your DPS, so pick what you want to be.

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For horde you would want to be Orc for Blood Fury and 2% pet damage. Troll is a second choice for Berserking and Dead eye (they also look better too tongue.png). Panda is also a decent race for the food buff


Since my hunter is my main and I care about profession perks I don't use my hunter as a farming toon. I leave that to alts. And as Fouton pointed out the Sky Golem mount has eliminated any kind of "edge" druids used to have.

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