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This week, I got Wrathion and friends, which I'd say was definitely more challenging than last week (Sully and friends). Ironically, the celestials themselves were a piece of cake this time, because I'd obtained and leveled a Pandaren Water Spirit, so I could use Zagam's combo of death.

But the trainers required some experimentation, as I had a couple big points against me: no Anub Idol (ironically I have one now), only 1 grubworm, and a P/S Flayer Youngling which is apparently slower than every dragon on earth.

Here's what I ended up with:

Chen -

Similar to Zagam's guide strat, except I used a Robo Cub for the first guy. Originally this was because I didn't have the recommended mech, but actually I think it would be very tough to find something better than the bear, as it turns out. He's an H/H build, but he still kills the mushan in 2 Demolishes without having to supercharge or anything. That skill's miss chance is not as scary as it seems; over my half dozen attempts (most due to failing at the other 2 trainers), the mushan always died by turn 3.

I would then let the bear soak the next pet's sleep, then send in the Flayer and have him deflect the swarm. Rampage always finished the job.

I couldn't afford to let my Flayer die (needed him for Wrathion), so the waterstrider had to do most of the work for the alemental. I found it was best to pump once for the damage bonus, but save the big attack for the turn the hit debuff isn't present.

Zhu -

This guy can indeed be 2-petted by a grub and a fossil, but it took some time to get used to the timings. The first monk seems to do the least damage to your grub, but he hits the fossil hard. Thus I made sure to fit in a Sticky Goo application before taking him to 50% health, as well as ensuring that I used Leap on his Feign round (you still get the speed boost even if it's dodged).

For Li, it's nice if you were able to slip a BONESTORM in (I love how that name is in caps) during the first dude, as then this monk will waste his first turn on overhealing himself.

Then on the last panda, Bogart or Boromir or whatever, if my grub died I could finish him with the fossil's single target bite, using the hit debuff rounds to heal.

Wrathion -

This trainer took me the most time to adapt to.

For the undead dragon, I'd never bothered leveling a rabbit, but Silkbead Snail did the job nicely. Originally I was taking Shell Shield to block the elemental stacks, but it turned out to just be better to use Acidic Goo.

Alex was annoying. I couldn't get my slowass Flayer to do the job reliably. For awhile I played with swapping in a speed debuffer, but in the end it was much better to use a Foxling so that the Flayer stayed faster into Dah'dah as well.

As for him, his breath hits HARD, so even after deflecting the bolt+first breath, I found it was better to swap in another pet to soak a couple hits, if I didn't think I could kill him with 1 Kick->Blitz, or if the speed boost would wear off.

Overall it was a ton of fun though :)

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Glad to hear you found variations that work.  I'm going to have to be better in noting what kind of breeds I have in my pet list.  You're not the first to mention that your Flayer wasn't faster than the Dragons from Wrathion.  You also found a better approach than me with the three Monks...I'm going to try your method in 3 weeks.  I streamed this week and barely got by having to regroup after wiping on Chen and Taran Zhu.  Thankfully I have a variety of pets, but I always enjoy hearing how people adjust.  I, too, do not have a Rabbit.  I just know it trivializes Cindy.  I used a Jungle Darter with his two Critter moves.  I just used Healing Wave to counter her Ice Tomb. 


Keep up the good work and keep the variety of suggestions coming!

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Thanks! I've referred others to your cele guide even though they are just starting, as the recommended pet list is very helpful in deciding which to focus on trying to collect/level. I'm looking forward to when you get bored and start beating the tourney with themed teams ^_^ (Bonus damage during Arcane Winds theme, anyone??)

Speed is such a weird stat. 1 dynamic "breakpoint," and anything more or less is usually irrelevant... And then it can all be for naught against stuff with debuffs or go-first moves. Tough stat to balance in a turn-based game. I've come to expect that almost any epic/legendary opponent is going to be faster than my non-flyers, with some rare exceptions. (I expect them to have more power and hp too, but my lesser power/hp at least still help my pet.)

Maybe they should introduce breed-changing battle stones...

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Now that I have my 4 Celestial Pets, I'm going to try it with lots of different combinations.

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