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Experiencing odd DPS drop...

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Hello Icy forumites,


first of all let me apologise in advance if anything I ask could be wide known knowledge that I should know... :)


Today I experienced something really odd with my overall DPS.


I was really lucky and got 5 item upgrades, but since I equipped, gemmed and optimized I saw a massive decrease in my opening burst DPS as well as my ability to maintain a certain amount of DPS throughout various fights.


Here is my armory page, hopefully it's updated to the latest information correctly:




and this is my MR.Robot suggested optimization:




During the last months I have been using the rotation suggested by Icy-Veins to great success, seeing massive DPS increases after obtaining upgrades until today which doesn't make any sense, since I got so many item upgrades...


My opening burst DPS could easily reach 350-500k on most fights and then I usually stabilized on around 250-300k


But today after equipping the upgrades and optimizing, which only lead to stat increases, literally no number on my stat dropped, I saw a massive DPS decrease on every level,


Namely my open burst DPS could reach 200k and then I could hardly maintain this number throughout the fight.


I thought it could be a laggy day and it was for a small part but then it seemed okay..Or maybe there is some chance items can bug your stats out and nothing works as it should?


Or is it entirely my fault and I can't see it?




Any suggestions?

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I don't have very much DPS knowledge, but i have some general ideas.  If you could please post some logs of your performance it would help a lot in having someone see what you're doing wrong.


If you don't have logs, we have a guide here that explains how to upload your own: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4681-how-to-upload-your-own-logs/


You can choose either World of Logs or Warcraft Logs, but it seems the majority here prefer Warcraft logs

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Thanks a bunch for the WoL guides, I made some but haven't completely figured out how to succesfully log a boss fight yet, will do :)


One more question, I have the two BiS trinkets for a WW monk according to the Icy-Veins suggestion but I got them on flexible level.

I have normal level Assurance of consequence and Sigil of rampage, which are generally commented as mediocre for WW monks.


Should I switch to them anyway since they are 553 iLvL?

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I have a suggestion for you Bosh...regem a bit.


Red slot: straight Agi

Yellow slot: Orange gem either agi/haste or agi/crit (it's really up to you which stat you want to prioritize after your reforging)

Blue slot: Agi/Hit (this may possibly put you over the hit cap significantly, but I find that that I end up getting some free items to reforge hit to haste or crit)


At the time of this posting your trinkets are Ebon Ticker and Haromm's, which are the top two trinks for WW monks.  I personally would upgrade them when they drop in normal raids for you.


With the regemming you may find some loss of crit, but when I swapped over my overall sustained dps increased a bit and I was hitting FAR harder in a short battle or on a mob with lower hp.


Hope this helps!

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