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Hello i am a holy paladin and i have problems with healing


First my armory link



Ok now my healing rotations


i put beacon on the tank and eternal flame on atleast 5 players

Holy shock on cd

Then i use holy radiance and light of dawn when aoe healing is needed


on big aoe dmg or dmg then i pop kings, divine favor and avenging wrath on rotation


i am only healing 15k average what am i doing wrong and is there a better way to heal


please give me some tips we raid btw SoO 10 man hc

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Firstly, I can't really help you without any logs. Here's a link on how to log:


I believe you need to get the Hand of Sac glyph. It's one of the best abilities a paladin has and needs to be used at least once per fight. Glyphing it will cause you not to murder yourself when used as a tank CD for fights like H Malkorok's Blood Rage, or just in any heavy aoe situation. I recommend replacing Glyph of Divine Plea for this glyph.


After that, I would say your spirit is too high. I think you can cut down about 2500 spirit to increase your throughput. If you aren't able to do so due to mana issues you may need to change your healing style to a more mana efficient/healing effective format.


Looking at Midwinter's holy paladin, it seems that once you have the amplification trinket (which you have) it might be best to stack as much mastery as you can in gem slots, even to the point of gemming straight mastery, mastery/int for red, and skipping blue sockets entirely. However, his holy paladin does 25H raiding instead of 10H, so it could be an assignment difference.


I've managed to pull up your logs myself from a website, which lists you as doing 60-150k HPS, not sure what you mean by "15k average".


Here's some of the issues I see with your playstyle:


-You often overwrite Eternal Flame with a new Eternal Flame. You should try hotting more players in the raid, and use Flash of Light when you need to put out single target healing. You use Light of Dawn a TON of times, which can be effective, but blanketing the raid in Eternal Flames during heavy intake times is pretty important. Pre-hot the raid with Eternal Flame when AoE damage isn't high but soon will be, then use Light of Dawn when you need to burst out that AoE healing.


-Most of your healing is to yourself. You need to stop taking enough damage that 20% of your healing is entirely on you, and start helping the tank healing more so that your shaman can work the raid.


-Cast more Flash of Lights on your Beacon target to generate Holy Power instead of using Holy Radiance so often. Holy Radiance isn't that good in 10man, so focus more on single target healing on your beacon to provide Light of Dawns.


-Use Beacon of Light. It isn't on your healing lists on any fight.




Hopefully this covers several of the issues you are having. Please post logs next time, as it will make it much easier to analyze you, and I won't have to go digging for them.


Edit: I changed the name of your topic, since an armory link as the topic title was a bit strange. I'll message you to make sure you know this is your topic.

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thnks for the help and yea sorry did wrond topic name


but i place Always beacon on a tank


And dont i need the haste cap of 34,98% and then stack mastery

and you mean i can go 2500 down on my spirit?

So i use only intel and mastery/spirit gems?

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The haste caps are only useful if you're very close to them, otherwise it takes too many points to get such a small benefit. I honestly never knew that was a cap number since I don't think many paladins go for it specifically.


I believe you can go down some spirit. If you go into AskMrRobot, click on Edit Weights, make a Static Spirit Cap of 15500, and change the weight of spirit over 15500 to be 0.41, then it should give you a pretty decent idea on how to setup your gems/enchants.


AMR strongly disagrees with my idea of Mastery > Intellect so I guess you can disregard that from earlier. Seems like a specific scenario from Midwinter's Holy Paladin.


On your logs, you have absolutely 0 beacon of light healing. Beacon of Light definitely shows up on logs. Not sure what the issue is, but something is off. Just make sure you have some sort of TellMeWhen, WeakAura, or your healing raid frames to show it in some way.

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