Mastery over haste?

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So I just ran simcraft and it is giving me mastery over haste.  I plug my weights into robot and it is telling me to gem mastery and lose a ton of haste.  This cant be right can it?

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Well, i also dont know what spec you're talking about, so i'll just answer for all 3 specs then.


Holy: Here after spirit, mastery will be ur to-go stat since it makes it so that all direct healing you do also creates a shield on that target for a % equal to your mastery.


Retri: Here your best stat is haste, With mastery right behind and crit not far behind that again. The reason haste is so strong is cuz it reduces the cd's on all ur holy power generate spells, lowers the gcd and increases ur basic melee hit rate. More holy Power equals to more templars verdict, which gives u more dps that stacking pure mastery.


Protection: Here also your to-go stat is haste by a good margin too. but this is only up to 50% unbuffed haste, after this, stacking more haste will be less valuable than mastery. The reason for haste being stronger is basicly the same as With retri, just that here more holy power, means higher uptime on your shield of righteous, which gives u less dmg taken overall + makes it easier to time With spesific boss mechanics that you would otherwise gain from stacking pure mastery.


I hope this Clears it up.

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