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The Way Stats Should Be in Diablo 4

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What they need to do in diablo 4 is take a step up from diablo 3 in terms of bettering cooldown abilities and passive abilities.

There should be varying levels of % of life sacrificed for different cooldown abilities and also classify the abilities more like ultimates (which is why a % of life pool would be sacrificed. 

In terms of the passive abilities, they need to lump all of them in to a passive pool from every hero and have an overlap of passives from one class to the next, say, around 1/3rd is shared between a hero, 1/3rd is shared with a different hero and 1/3rd of your passives are your own.

Secondly, they need to do something with the way stats work and have stats grow with variation depending on the way the skill points are applied in the tree... in fact, pointing a skill point would just automatically input stat points in a particular way. 

-Start by taking vitality out of the strength, intel, and dexterity picture

-Each class has a different life pool and mana pool growth that is dependent on what hero it is. Some grow heavy, some grow light. 

Strength will represent % based defense enhancement

Intel will represent % based offense enhancement of spells

Now divide dexterity in to 2 sides. Offensive dexterity and defensive dexterity, each with their own stat points to be applied in to.

Defensive dexterity enhances block and evasion as a dimension in order to stabilize evasion. 

Offensive dexterity enhances attack speed and cooldown reduction for spells. 

The evaluation for how stats would be automatically applied depending on what hero you pick would be determined by your life pool growth.

If you grow lite, and you are pointing a strictly defensive ability then you receive stat points for the defensive side of dexterity. If you grow heavy and are pointing a defensive ability then you receive points in strength pertaining to % based defensive improvement. 

if you grow heavy and an ability is strictly offensive then you receive points points on the offensive side of dexterity.

Adding skill points to an ability that has offensive enhancement of its own will certainly increase the mana cost of the ability in a corresponding fashion.

Weapons have their own flat damages and percentages of enhanced damage. 

If an ability is both defensive and offensive at the same time, and or, utility, then it would just add a balance of points to both sides of dexterity since the ability will probably not be growing in % effectiveness and costing a flat figure of mana. If it does grow in both defense and offensive output however, then the points are applied equally to strength and intel. 


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