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Why was Diablo 3 considered a failure?

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i was in no way a large diablo fan, neither 2 or three. i like each games but i see it very casually.i'm curious but, with the aid of the more extensive critics and analyzers, why is diablo three 1) considered a failure and 2) in what way is it worse than diablo 2?whatsapp web routerlogin

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The game was very different on launch from what it is today - the initial release had no adventure mode, no crusader/necromancer, no rifts, no bounties, etc.

On top of this, in terms of D2, players felt that the "horror" aspects of the game had disappeared and it no longer had that scary feel to it, whether because of the visuals, the music, whatever. People thought itemization etc. was dumbed down, that the game itself was just too simple, and yeah.

Personally, I like the current iteration of it, and really enjoy Diablo 3 with all the improvements they have made since launch, but upon launch, it was a pretty meh game.

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