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Question about reforging.

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I have never been sure about if I should follow amr with its default settings or if I should just put crit gems in all my sockets ignore bonuses. Are people using customized weights for fury TG or pretty just putting crit gems in all your sockets. 

As of now amr wants me to put crafty vermilion onxy gems in all my sockets to match bonuses. Every fury warrior I see at my item lvl is just using 320 crit gems in all places.

any help would be appreciated.


i have not optimized my warrior yet since getting a 2 hander with no expertise so here is my armory 


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At your ilvl & crit chance, mastery gets pretty close to crit in value, so you're probably better off going Exp/Crit gems to get more mastery out of your gear.


Best solution is always to sim yourself and see what your exact stats weights are.

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