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New Tank, thanks

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Howdy my fine plate wearing friends.

Just wanted to give a thank you to all the contributers to this forum.  After spending this expansion healing I decided to give prot warrior tanking a try, needless to say I was nervous about it.  I boldly entered my first LFR Monday night (terrible time for LFR) and found myself well prepared for the fights thanks to the information here.  I think I did pretty well, couple wipes, not my fault, (how do you enrage to Sha of Pride twice?).  It is certainly a fun role to play, it's nice to be a driver of the action.



Anyway, here is my armoury, if you want to look at it and critic that would be super.  I know I'm missing some enchants, those are coming.  Erm, never mind blizz is doing maintainance, can't link now.  Danself, Aerie Peak.


Thanks again

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