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Alway been Holy switching to Disc, Help

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Ok guys just got back into the game a couple months ago after about a year and half break.


I am looking to go Disc spec on my priest. I have never played the disc spec, I have always played holy or shadow. What do I need to know about rotations, gems, enchants. what gear is best.


lol I know this is a lot I am asking to know. I guess I am looking for a place to start and to be pointed in the right direction. I have just started looking at the forms and it seems there is a ton of information out there, to much to weed thru.


Any experienced healers out there want to help. What is some good runs I can do to help me get the feel for the spec.    


I am on the Trall server and name is wself, I was going to post a link from armory but it is down.

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Check out the icy veins disc priest page.  I've read it a few times, it's pretty useful. 




Do pay careful attention to this line though, it's one thing that disc priests need to be aware of:  "frequent usage of wow_icon_ability_shaman_astralshift.jpgSpirit Shell"


The one thing I feel it doesn't cover well enough (indeed, at all) is abuse of your legendary meta gem.  You'll need to track it (I have the weakaura floating around on this forum somewhere) and when it's active, spam PW:Shield on the tanks or whoever needs it.  When it pops, it will trigger rapture, giving you free mana back for a shield that costed you 0 mana.  This provides a significant mana regeneration source, and lets you skate by with 9000~10000 spirit. 


If you have any questions after reading icy veins guide let me know.

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Once you go over the SoO Disc priest thread.  Make the changes suggested there then repost here with some logs.  Even if they are LFR or Flex logs we are able to help out a lot on ability usage, buff uptimes, rapture procs, etc.


As of a couple months ago Holy was not very different from Disc for gearing.  Neither use Haste anymore so you'll be stacking a lot of crit since SoO gear is loaded w/ Mastery already.  Disc requires that you know the fight better preemptively as opposed to being a good reactive healer in Holy Spec.  The more times you see it as Disc, you'll get better as placing/timing your new Disc abilities IF/SS/Barrier.  Use AA on CD once you have 5 stacks.  Try and keep its uptime as high as possible.


GL and look forward to seeing some logs.

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