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Remember when Legendary skins were...well, Legendary?

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now nearly all of the mythical skins are simply uncommon skins with a mythical pricetag (have a look at qhira, for a few purpose (i assume i recognize why...) she has  mythical skins, yet the primary one has just a few jogging animation trade and a fundamental look exchange this is just a uncommon fashion for a pores and skin to have).


compare those new "mythical" skins to tassadars or tychus' legendary skins.solitaire.onl/ 9apps.ooo/ 

legendary skins which include tassadar or kerrigan's skins have been something you'll 'wow' at, now after I see a legendary pores and skin i assume "oh its a rare skin" till i see the price and the so-referred to as "legendary" tag on it and im like "but thats a unprecedented...".

those new "legendary" skins most effective offers an ability talent look change (or occasionally even some thing extra uninteresting) that an extraordinary also offers and once in a while a unprecedented even gives greater than what a mythical gives but but you pay greater for a mythical due to the fact... motives.


do those developers simply roll a dice and if it comes on a certain digit that they will simply pricetag a random pores and skin as a legendary?

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