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FPS Lag in 25mans.....

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The topic states it all...

Though my computer is not the best It runs well throughout WoW accept when I hit LFR for example and I get about 6 fps which makes it really hard to play and gear up to do 10 mans. I have beared through it on 2 character and decided enough is enough. I am just curious to see if anybody has had this problem and is able or may have answer to fixing it by adjusting in game settings. Thank you!

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I also get reduced FPS, at around 8-14 in Dragon Soul 25 man raid depending on the fight. Personally I don't mind it too much, I can live with it (went through ICC with 2-3 FPS average in 25 men raids). I play on a laptop and the cooling system is quite bad. That's why my laptop gets super hot and it slows everything down.

I have all my settings on lowest except for 3:

  • Projected textures: enabled
  • view distance: good
  • particle density: good
I believe that these 3 settings are the most important ones in a raid. Depending on the fight and the fight mechanics I change them around a little bit to see adds better, see fire better and that kind of stuff. On farm bosses I turn them down to minimum as well just to run a bit smoother.

Just try lowering some settings and check their impact. Some of the settings (like shadows, sunshafts, clutter, water detail) isn't very important and can easily be turned down in a raid.

You can also try lowering the resolution you play on, I play on 1920x1080 and I believe this also lowers my framerate. I just don't want to go through setting up my UI for a lower resolution.

Playing in Fullscreen mode should also give you higher FPS compared to windowed or borderless windowed. Personally I play borderless windowed because I use the Ventrilo (or other communication method) overlay which helps me a bunch during raids. However, it doesn't get displayed if you play the game on fullscreen mode.

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